Question Changing triggers.


11.7.4 on Linux

Hi DBAs,

I'm testing an addition to the system that uses write and delete triggers on a selection of tables. The triggers exist on a Linux server and four AppServers.

I was hoping to be able to "switch-on" the triggers at an exact moment. I thought of a few different ways to achieve that -- one being to have two sets of triggers, an "active" set and a "null" set. The triggers could be assigned in the database -- but the trigger code would just exit immediately without doing anything. Then -- at the required time the "active" code could be copied so they would execute.

I tested this and found that that DID work for the AppServers -- but not the Linux server. Apparently Progress "helps us" by caching the r-code.

I understand why Progress does what it does -- and I'm not arguing against it. It is a bit disappointing that there is not command to refresh the cache -- but the fact it that such a facility doesn't appear to exist now.

Does anyone know of a way around this? If not I can use a different method.



Thank you all for your contributions. I have to conclude that my plan to change the trigger code "in mid flight" was simply flawed. I will have to move to a different method.