Question Change color for the loading progressbar

Rafeda Malki

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Hi ,

I need to change the color of the loadnig progressbar, it is in default color Green, even if i add the new color it dose not take it.
can someone help with this question?

I removed the : before Progressbar1 because it get to smile :p.

/* progressb1 */
/* */
THIS-OBJECT progressb1:BackColor = System.Drawing.SystemColors:Control.
THIS-OBJECT progressb1:ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color:LightSkyBlue.
THIS-OBJECT Progressb1:Location = NEW System.Drawing.Point(12, 78).
THIS-OBJECT Progressb1:Name = "progressb1".
THIS-OBJECT Progressb1:Size = NEW System.Drawing.Size(239, 22).
THIS-OBJECT Progressb1:TabIndex = 0.
THIS-OBJECT Progressb1:Value = 10.

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I removed the : before Progressbar1 because it get to smile :p.
If you add [ code ] [ /code ] tags around your code you make it readable by not losing indentation and as an added bonus you get no emoji nonsense.

/* progressb1 */
/*  */
THIS-OBJECT:progressb1:BackColor = System.Drawing.SystemColors:Control.
THIS-OBJECT:progressb1:ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color:LightSkyBlue.
THIS-OBJECT:Progressb1:Location = NEW System.Drawing.Point(12, 78).
THIS-OBJECT:Progressb1:Name = "progressb1".
THIS-OBJECT:Progressb1:Size = NEW System.Drawing.Size(239, 22).
THIS-OBJECT:Progressb1:TabIndex = 0.
THIS-OBJECT:Progressb1:Value = 10.
It seems it is locked to that color and although it is possible to change color not a natural thing to do:

> It IS locked to that color 4 a REASON
DEFAULT Windows/OS environment
Changin the colour IS changin the environment