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    Question WRITE-XML ignores format given to Dataset fields

    Hello everyone. I am currently creating a program that can create an XML file from data that is in our database. There are clear specifications from the recieving party, and I would like to match my dataset with those specs. In the specs there are INTEGER field definitions that can have...
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    READ-XMLSCHEMA and nested multi-level datasets

    Hi - I'm trying to create a dynamic ProDataset from an XSD file, manually populate the tables, and then export the dataset as formatted XML. The Dataset is created just fine from the XSD file, and I can populate both the root level table and the first level down. When I populate any data a...
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    Write-xml: Exporting A Single Dataset Record

    Is there any way to export a single dataset record, either using WRITE-XML or some other method? The code below is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do: Export each tt1 and associated tt2 data into individual files, each file with a single tt record and its associated td records. The...
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    Question Can WRITE-XML set attributes on the outermost node (the prodataset)

    Hi Using 10.2B06, I am using a ProDataset to build up my data, then using WRITE-XML to write the file. The customer wants the XML to have an attribute on the outermost tag, but this is my ProDataset so not sure how I can do that. e.g. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <data...