1. bilelbeldi617

    Create a Logger Class

    Hello everyone, I made a new youtube video explaining how to make a logger class and use it anyware in your project. Link to the video : I hope that my videos are helping you.
  2. M

    Question UPDATE statement not working

    Hi All, Seeking some conceptual advice here. Somehow UPDATE statement is not showing up when I run the attached query. Initially, I was using ASSIGN statement and it was working fine. But as I wanted to see the data on screen and then update it, I used UPDATE statement (Line#115) instead but...
  3. JoseKreif

    Resolved Using Scope Defined With Condition

    Can scoped variables ever change at run time? Something isn't quite right right this. do v-cnt = 1 to 3: /** master loop **/ case v-cnt: when 1 then &scoped-define STRM s-1. when 2 then &scoped-define STRM s-2. when 3 then &scoped-define STRM s-3. end...