1. V

    Question How to setup and config PDFInclude in windows server

    Hello guys. I'm newbie,I have a project auto export to PDF when running a Report Framework in QAD software. I downloaded PDFInclude 3.3.3 tool and I compiled in Character Client (CHUI) with example file code " Hello.p " but it didn't work, not create file PDF and not error message. +...
  2. J

    !!! Sx.e Job Opportunity !!! Houston, Tx

    I have a client in Houston that has an immediate need for someone with experience supporting Infor SX Enterprise and Progress databases. Any coding/customization experience is a plus but at this point I want to talk to anyone interested in a fulltime job focused on SX.e with a great company...
  3. Cecil

    Comment Microsoft is making .NET available for Linux, Android and iOS

    So in recent news, Microsoft is now/going to supporting .NET for other non-Windows OS platforms. So could this mean in future releases (about 3~4 year from now)...
  4. Oswa.Nuno

    Question Short URL on linux

    Hi !! I'm using OE 10.1A on Linux RedHat 5.5 I'm trying to pass from this: http://localhost/cgi-bin/ to something like this: http://localhost/cgi-bin/webspeed/ping I've read some info about rename, but i just cant get it !!! Some one can give...