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    Question Infor Cloud Suite Training Material

    Hello to all, Can you please share some inputs on where to find Infor Cloud Suite Distribution Training Material, like for below topics ? ION API's homepages IONalerts printer set ups on cloud IONdesk for EDI integrations DataLake
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    !!! Sx.e Job Opportunity !!! Houston, Tx

    I have a client in Houston that has an immediate need for someone with experience supporting Infor SX Enterprise and Progress databases. Any coding/customization experience is a plus but at this point I want to talk to anyone interested in a fulltime job focused on SX.e with a great company...
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    One criteria too many?

    Hi all. I am running SX.e 5.6.063 with country pack 1.4.063, on version 9.1e (please, no flames about the version!). I am trying to do a query via VBA for MS Access 2000. This query works: SELECT oeeh.orderno AS orderno, oeeh.ordersuf AS ordersuf, oeeh.transtype AS transtype, oeel.shipprod AS...