1. P

    Distinct Record - QAD Browse

    I am new to QAD so need some of your help. How do you distinct records in QAD Browse Query? I have a browse that use custom table and I filter the results in query below. How do you distinct the results? xxcompd_varid = c-brparm1 AND xxcompd_domain = "A"
  2. bilelbeldi617

    Copy from a browse Cell

    Guys, How can I make it possible to copy from a browse cell ?
  3. I

    Cannot Select Bottom Row In "full" Browse

    Hi first post. New language. Huge legacy system. I have a strange issue where if the browse is full of rows (but the scrollbar has not yet appeared) then the bottom row cannot be selected. Also there is no tool-tip when hovering over the bottom record. (see attached) It seems to be...
  4. R

    Question How To Use The Delete-current-row() Method Of A Browse?

    Hello Team - Does any one can give me a good start on how do i make use of Delete-Current-Row() method of a browser. Actually, I CAN'T change the filter query of the browse, But I don't want to display few records in the Result set based on some condition (like if the result Record data...
  5. R

    Editable Multiline Frame ?

    Hi guys, i would like to make a editable frame over it possible? I have temp-table with oreders - and i would like to display 10 orders in one frame and update one logical it possible thru frames with DOWN or is it possible only with query with BROWSE? Thanks Rumi
  6. U

    Question How to add filter options(like in Excel) on browse widget

    Hi, I'm using OpenEdge 10.2A with standard .w files. There are some basic filtering functionality on my browse widget; when you click the column-label it sorts, and when you type start typing, it searches etc. But my customers want more; basically they want filtering functionality like in MS...