1. M

    Question how to display browser fields dynamically

    I'm displaying temp-table fields in a browser using free form query. i have 10 fields in my temp table but i want to hide and show some fields based on a condition i have tried this below code on row display of browse trigger , but i'm getting the error as you can see in the picture. DO...
  2. D

    How to determine if a procedure was passed a file to standard input when run via the command line

    Hello. By running the procedure through the command line, pointing it to the input file like this _progres -b -p test.p < test.txt I can read the contents of test.txt into test.p with a simple def var cline as c no-undo. _tt: do while true on endkey undo _tt,leave _tt: import unformatted...
  3. M

    Question How to add fields to a temp table by using its handle (it can be either temp-table:handle or temp-table:default-buffer-handle)

    -this is the method in my class -either i can get temp-table:handle or temp-table:default-buffer-handle -is it possible to create field in both cases if not how do i can approach in other way METHOD PUBLIC VOID loadFilesFromDir(INPUT cipDir AS CHARACTER , INPUT iphbufhandle AS...
  4. E

    Progress ABL to c# convert

    i am looking for some help to convert this abl to c#. Any help would be greatly welcomed. DEF VAR ct AS INTE NO-UNDO. Output to C:\hardstampdownload\L2.csv . For each ttLaborDtl where ttLaborDtl.RowMod = 'A' or ttLaborDtl.RowMod = 'U' no-lock: Find first JobHead where JobHead.Company =...
  5. D

    Question Paged outputs "next-page" event

    Hi. oe 12.2 windows/unix. I have inherited the unified reporting procedure in paged output which uses a frame header as the page header. The same header contains table headers that no longer fit in the allotted 320 characters. is there any way to distinguish that output has moved to a new page...
  6. V

    Question ABL and PDSEO(eclipse) internal structures

    Hi, Is it possible to access eclipse internal objects from ABL module ? For example: def var vFile as char. vFile = "test.p" . /*file within the PDSOE project*/ ???open test.p in PDSOE editor ???
  7. J

    Using .net In The Abl

    At the last PUG Exchange, Tom Bergman gave a great lecture with examples about how to use .NET classes in the ABL programming environment. I was able to download the archive of his examples, but I am not able to get the ones I am most interested in to compile. The error I get is sort of...
  8. A

    Question Abl: Send Email With Query Results Concatenated In Body

    I had the following query working with the "first" result showing up. The issue is there can be multiple rows returned. I was trying to concatenate each row (just 1 field) into a comma separated character variable and put it in the email body. The code complies but I never get an email. This...
  9. JoseKreif

    Resolved Using Scope Defined With Condition

    Can scoped variables ever change at run time? Something isn't quite right right this. do v-cnt = 1 to 3: /** master loop **/ case v-cnt: when 1 then &scoped-define STRM s-1. when 2 then &scoped-define STRM s-2. when 3 then &scoped-define STRM s-3. end...
  10. Rutger Olthuis

    Question Openedge Oo Classes On Appserver Called From (windows) Client Application

    I just started to dive into the world of OOP with OpenEdge and bumped into something. How do I instantiate objects of classes that reside on the AppServer from my window client application? Is this even possible or do I have to use some kind of procedural proxies to handle this?
  11. A

    Question Any way to manage/track handle/object variable ?

    Hi, Hope you are well. I am new on this forum, and this is my first post. So if I do something wrong, please tell me :) For debugging purpose of my application, I was wondering if it there were any way to manage and track handle variable in Progress ABL. The reason why : this Progress error...