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    SAVE THE CLASSIC AppServers campaign.

    You're about 5 years too late.
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    Question Direct connect vs client/server.

    There are cases where c/s is actually faster than shared memory. Specifically if your workload is dominated by NO-LOCK queries. In that circumstance you are, basically, streaming data in large quantities so having two distinct processes simultaneously involved is an advantage. But it only takes...
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    Question Direct connect vs client/server.

    If your system is unstable and poorly managed (for instance sys admins routinely “kill -9” shared memory sessions…) the the use of client/server connections will insulate you from crashing… seriously, that is a real justification that some people advocate.
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    OpenEdge to MSSql Conversion ?

    Thanks! Someone else might know but I do not happen to know what that particular tool will do if you check that box. If nobody pipes up I suggest a quick call to Epicor as your best bet. Is this a test system? You could always give it a try if it is. I see that the database name is...
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    OpenEdge to MSSql Conversion ?

    This might be a basic response but I am not at all familiar with what new system you are using and I don't have any idea, really, which of the dozens, or possibly hundreds, of brand name OpenEdge ERP systems you are migrating away from. It might be good to mention their names - just in case they...
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    script to read log

    Good "old "grep" could certainly carry a lot of this load. ProTop monitors the log file and alerts on defined messages as well. Alerts, however, are a paid feature so that isn't visible in the free version. But if you are interested:
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    Progress 8.3e recovery

    You should have a "proenv" command in the Progress program group. (That is the command line interface that ensures that your environment is properly setup.) From the "proenv> " prompt, first cd to wherever the database is installed and start an "mpro" to get to the data admin tools. I am going...
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    Progress 8.3e recovery

    You would probably save yourself a lot of agony if you just dump the data to a text file. You are going to go through endless pain and misery that will almost certainly go nowhere trying to get some sort of SQL connection going. If you can start a plain old 4gl connection to the db you can...
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    Archiving AI's to NFS mount storage causing system hang?

    Archiving ai logs to NFS is known to be troublesome. If NFS glitches and the archiver notices then the target filesystem is marked as unavailable. There is no check to see if it ever becomes available again. So the only solution is to restart the AI archiver. One way to do that is to restart...
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    Question oe 12.5 trial version

    You might like to start here Progress Customer Community
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    CallBack Function

    You are out of luck: Version 9 is ancient, obsolete and unsupported. Even if Progress were to decide to support some sort of...
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    PRROWID Pro2 Replication

    I see no reason why it shouldn't be possible. Merely stating that there are a lot of records is not a reason why the Pro2 bulk load will not work. If you have actually tried it and run into an error or a problem then _that_ might be a valid reason but it would depend on what, specifically, the...
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    PRROWID Pro2 Replication

    The PRROWID column is an extra column created by Pro2. It is not a real column in the source table. It is a result of running the 4gl ROWID() function on the buffer being replicated. Why is it not possible to load the big table? Pro2 has a feature called "bulk load" that they use for that purpose.
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    PRROWID Pro2 Replication

    It is the ROWID for that row in the source db. Pro2 uses it to tie the two databases together.
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    Error ** PROMPT variable email should be used with INPUT prefix or ASSIGNed. (402)

    You seem to have zeroed in on several highly effective ways to write impenetrable code. Try this instead: /* use variables for data entry - you should never let users type directly into a database field */ define variable email as character no-undo. define variable...