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    RequestBuilder Assistance

    The HttpHeaderBuilder is registering headers named Authorization with the AuthorizationHeaderBuilder class, which invokes the AuthorizationHeader class which contains the check on the value. You may be able to override this registry entry with the DefaultHeaderBuilder, but I have no experience...
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    RequestBuilder Assistance

    Your error is originating from the AuthorizationHeader class. In the cases I have come across, the authorization header has always been a combination of the type of authorization followed by the value, for example: Bearer <sometoken> Which is reinforced by the specification at Authorization...
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    How to replace entire occurence of a character.

    Will only replace the first occurrence.
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    Resolved Static or Dynamic

    You have a hammer and a screwdriver in your toolbox - use whichever is appropriate for the job at hand.
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    Resolved Static or Dynamic

    Dynamic code is slower than static code, throws run-time errors instead of compile-time errors and can easily leak memory if you are not cleaning up after yourself. But, it does allow you to execute actions dynamically so you can have one class / procedure / function performing similar on for...
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    How to replace entire occurence of a character.

    Feel free to call something this simple, totally buggy. :-) Updated, thanks.
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    How to replace entire occurence of a character.

    Please use code tags for code. Instead of looping through entries yourself, let the replace function do the work: function myReplace returns character ( i_csource as char, i_cfrom as char, i_cto as char ): def var cresult as char no-undo. def var csep as char no-undo...
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    How to remove duplicate values in a string

    A temp-table named unique without a unique index and some find firsts... <shudders>
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    Import XML into Database Table - XML Has Some Multiple Values Per Field

    As mentioned in one of your references, you need an extent. the.xml: <row> <one>foo</one> <one>bar</one> </row> the.p: define temp-table ttrows serialize-name 'row' field one as char extent 2 . temp-table ttrows:read-xml( "file", "the.xml", ?, ?, ? ). define buffer burow for...
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    Trouble getting soap call right

    What's surprising me is that what they expect contains an undeclared namespace'. You can get quite far with abusively massaging a dataset to give you what you need, in this case you can use: DEFINE TEMP-TABLE OrderRows NO-UNDO XML-NODE-NAME "OrderRows" FIELD Order_recid AS RECID...
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    Trouble getting soap call right

    What does your dataset look like? It looks like the soapenc namespace declaration is missing. Googling soapenc pops up: wsimport "Cannot resolve the name..."
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    How do I/can I export data like parts into an Excel document?

    Coding in a browser again... ** Unable to understand after -- "export whatever". (247) ** Item must be expression, SPACE phrase, or SKIP phrase. (406)
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    Create a table using a variable?

    Import works on a static buffer handle. There is no import method for a dynamic buffer handle. If the site where you need to run the load has a compile license available, then you can use run time compile time or whatever they are called arguments {1}. Depending on how large your datasets are...
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    Question Min and Max Date range that we can enter to progress DB

    Be aware that while date limits allow a very large range of dates. They are not really correct before the calendar was standardized . See for example: def var dt as date initial 9/3/1752. message iso-date( dt ) skip iso-date( add-interval( dt, 1, "day" ) ) skip iso-date( dt + 1 )...
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    Question Min and Max Date range that we can enter to progress DB When you enter a two digit date, the century assigned depends on your century year offset startup parameter or session attribute - OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation