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    Question How do I subscribe to an event anywhere in a WinForm class object?

    I take it passing the WinForm class as a parameter to the old.p and then passing back the handle to the procedure is not an option? If so, the only thing I can think of is put in extra workings in the old.p to link to the WinForm class and pass the handle to the procedure that way. E,g...
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    Answered Set BGCOLOR for the LABEL of a FILL-IN

    You can do something like this: DEFINE VARIABLE vLabel AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. vLabel = FILL-IN-1:SIDE-LABEL-HANDLE. vLabel:BGCOLOR = 10. Does this solve?
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    Question ACTIVE-FORM:ProWinHandle

    Never used ProWinHandle but the documentation seems to suggest it is used for parenting ABL windows to .NET forms: So wondered if setting the parent would solve...
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    Example Database Deletion from Datasets

    Fair enough and understand regarding the clean up. The only thing I can think to try is limit the transaction block and not read the records with exclusive locks. Although not quite what you are doing this gives some pointers: So...
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    Example Database Deletion from Datasets

    I have never used anything like this before so am not sure if this is correct/works for deleting buffers: hQueryHandle:GET-BUFFER-HANDLE(hBufferHandle:NAME):BUFFER-DELETE (). Normally, the following is all that you require: hBufferHandle:BUFFER-DELETE(). Does that work? Another thing to...
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    Resolved EventHandler for ListView

    I am not quite sure on this one. This compiles and if you try this does it work: hListViewItem = CAST(e:Data:GetData(Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType ("System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem")), System.Windows.Forms.ListViewItem).
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    Resolved EventHandler for ListView

    listView1:AllowDrop = TRUE. listView1:DragDrop:Subscribe(listView1_DragDrop). listView1:DragEnter:Subscribe(listView1_DragEnter). If in a class then: METHOD PRIVATE VOID listView1_DragDrop( INPUT sender AS System.Object, INPUT e AS System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs ): MESSAGE "DragDrop"...
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    Answered WINDOW-RESIZED-Trigger executes on program-start

    I never knew window resized event fires like that but it does. I thought the solution was to make the window insensitive and make it sensitive after it has been made visible but it then fires: hWin:SENSITIVE = FALSE. ... hWin:SENSITIVE = TRUE. No idea how to solve this.
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    How to force "entry" event when clicking on an empty browser viewport?

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    Question Example ABL .NET TreeView

    I have some example code of dynamically adding nodes and sub nodes to a .NET TreeView and this is attached. It does not do exactly what you require as it dynamically adds when first run and not when a node is clicked, but hopefully it gives you some ideas and you can adapt.
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    Calling function from .NET WebBrowser

    Thanks Cecil, it has fixed it.
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    Resolved How to find a .NET Form

    Do you want the information for the embedded windows or for the .NET forms? If for the ABL windows then usually these have been run persistently so one idea is to walk the widget tree for persistent procedures and obtain information from the procedure handle. If though it is the .NET form...
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    Calling function from .NET WebBrowser

    Really good to hear you have got it working. So in the propath you have something like this?: ,C:\Development\Webwiew\WebView2Loader.dll Just tried that but still find the same in that nothing appears.
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    Answered Question on menu and sub menu handle

    It has been a long time since I used CREATE MENU-ITEM but think once created it is always available even if created in a trigger/internal procedure. So either delete or remove from the relevant widget: SELF:POPUP-MENU = ?.
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    Calling function from .NET WebBrowser

    I think you are correct in that it is a runtime issue and postings here mention an extra file - WebView2Loader.dll - required for runtime: This file is in the package so included that in the working directory but still no joy.