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    Target restore failed

    Just a thought -- you might want to try and restore the same name as the backup: You backed up to sports2000_target.bkp But you are trying to restore from sports2000_tar.bk
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    Php and openEdge 11.7

    I don't really know. Someone with ODBC setup knowledge would need to assist. Or you could just google the System Data Source Name and find something similiar to this
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    Php and openEdge 11.7

    If you have the SQL granted permissions to read the tables in question, then a simple google search found this link in the Kbase Sample PHP Programs to Access a Progress DB through ODBC
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    How long has this been wrong?

    I thought it was French to meet the requirements of our neighbor to the north...
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    Question Guidance needed for ABL on Linux to access SQL Server.

    FreeTDS actually is a library allowing you to 'talk' natively to Micrsoft SQL db's. The explanation is well defined here. With the installation of FreeTDS there is a utility also installed bsqldb to process SQL statements. It is not a 'live' connection, but instead is a batch process...
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    Question Guidance needed for ABL on Linux to access SQL Server.

    Let me know if you have any questions as to setup or scripting. Also, just as an FYI, you don't have to deal with column sizes to parse any reporting.... you can have a true csv with your own defined delimiter.
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    Question Guidance needed for ABL on Linux to access SQL Server.

    You may want to look at FreeTDS ODBC app for your Linux server. There are a number of google search articles on how to connect to SQL server from Linux. We use it for both SQL reporting (csv files that can be loaded into OE), and also SQL inserts/updates/deletes Very easy to use and configure...
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    JsonObject WriteFile

    That is an escape character for the forward slash,, so you need to leave it. It is sometimes known as 'toothpick syndrome' An explanation is here.
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    OBDC connection for Progress v6.3

    6.3 is around 30 years old give or take. I wouldn't expect there to be much if any help since there isn't that many of us still around that actually used it.
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    Converting the given time to seconds

    While true, it also could be an elapsed time of 22 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds. That being said -- no clue as to what this individual is asking for.
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    Resolved Enable Browser with other objects on the form.

    Where they come from and when you display them is important. Regardless, if you calculate it, once the calculation is done just display those iv totals with frame framename. If it comes from a db table, then do the same and display them once you have the table record via a find or whatever.
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    Resolved Enable Browser with other objects on the form.

    Well -- 1st thing is that you would have a problem in the display (unless intended) as you have the "Total:" starting at column 1 and the totals starting at column 5 and the length of "Total:" is 6 + 1 for the space separator. Next, use code tags around your code examples for posting here...
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    Transaction/Buffer Scoping

    Change this: DO FOR updOrder-line TRANSACTION: FIND updOrder-line WHERE ROWID(updOrder-line) = ROWID(order-line) EXCLUSIVE-LOCK NO-ERROR. updOrder-line.qty = updOrder-line.qty + 5. END. DO FOR updItem TRANSACTION: FIND updITEM WHERE...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    As an FYI , we upgraded all of our customers (Linux) but 1 to 11.7.5 (64 bit) and 11.6 (last version of 32 bit for Linux and customers weren't getting a new server) without issue over 3 weeks. The last one (our largest who is moving to a new server) is scheduled for 4th quarter. Some had...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    We had no intention of putting the old DLC on the new box. The only time we have to mess with that is for very small clients that aren't going to go to a new server. And yes, that can get ugly with two versions of Progress on the same box (but we deal with it when required).