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    Webspeed log file threshold size properties

    Does anyone know when these properties were introduced? Everywhere I see it mentions 11.x and I am on 10.1C. Thanks. brkrLogThreshold=0 Specifies a limit on how big the log file can get (in bytes). When the log is full the broker creates a new log file with a sequence number (1 to 999,999)...
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am grappling with this PRESELECT statement. Never understood or trusted it. I have done this several times over the years and I am trying to find a better way. I need to duplicate a set of recs to the same table so: rec.fld1 is the only index in this...
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    Smtp Mail Setup

    Appears to be latest version, hasn't changed much it several years. We use it for everything including in Webspeed with OpenEdge v10. This is what a clean run would look like: ************** ****** New Group *******...
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    Question Propath?

    We use "sandboxes". Each developer has their own sandbox directory so we don't interfere with each other or the production environment while working on code in our sandboxes. We have a "developer's" page where we can set (and remove) a "sandbox" cookie with our sandbox directory path as the...
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    json parser

    I'm actually more interested in the writer. I'm trying to picture how that works. Is it possible for you to give a brief explanation? It would be much appreciated. We are stuck on version 10.1c and writing JSON manually is a major pain.
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    json parser

    Is there a way to use this on unix? I assume since it's an .exe it will only run on windows.