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    hi_char value

    Use the below code to find hi char. def var i as int. def var k as int. def var hi_char as char. do i = 2 to 2550: if chr(i) > hi_char then do: assign hi_char = chr(i). k = i. end. /*if chr(i) > hi_char*/ end. /*do i = 2 to 2550*/ display hi_char k.
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    Resolved Database name from within a trigger

    Got the answer: this-procedure:db-references Thank you for your time
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    Resolved Database name from within a trigger

    I have a scenario where multiple copies of same database will be connected simultaneously. When database trigger executes, I want to find out from which connection this trigger is actually getting executed. scenario: manuf database manuf1 is connected manuf2 is also connected REPLICATION-WRITE...
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    Earned hours on mfg/pro

    I have a requirement in which user want me to display earned hours for a work order in a report. i cannot find any field called earned hours on mfg/pro. the definition of earned horus is "the amount of time a worker is payed/credited to worker for wages". how can we calculate it in...