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    utility to reformat bad indentation

    Two years ago I tried a few options (probably because I stumbled over some very badly formatted programs, usually I don't encounter anything remotely as bad). I tried Piew, Notepad++ with 3GP plugin and Progress Developer Studio. In my experience PDS was best, then 3GP and then Piew (closest to...
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    DO FOR updOrder-line TRANSACTION

    I don't think it makes much sense to do a code review of this snippet. If I had to I would start with the fact that this should be done in a single transaction, not two separate transactions.
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    Progress Collation

    So in this example you actually have "ń" (small letter n with acute)? ISO8859-1 does only contain "ñ" (small letter n with tilde). If you actually have to support all kinds of international letters than you have no other option than to convert your database and application to UTF-8. If you think...
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    Question Question about window app

    Are you able to active the debug alert? Since you already get the message from the leave trigger you can look at the stack trace and hopefully see where it was triggered from.
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    Speedup For Each Code

    Great post as always, Tom. If you look more closely both lines AND corpdata.ArrearsRpt.recOffc = t-officer.t-ofcCode AND NOT can-do("IN251870,IL063128,IA065464,IL070155",corpdata.ArrearsRpt.recOffc) refer to corpdata.ArrearsRpt.recOffc. kasundha should check t-officer.t-ofcCode against the list...
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    Question Making a code smaller

    There are several ways around this, assuming you don't want to actually refactor. For example you could put the code inside the procedure in a .if Include and just use the include in the procedure.
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    Is Index important for record update?

    Most important points have been made (searching the records is faster with a matching index, changing records is slower the more indexes include the fields you are changing). One important point is to change both fields in one go within the same assign statement. If you are just doing...
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    Question Logging Error 2624 and STOP Condition

    I agree with RealHeavyDude. This is what KMoody suggested in their question anyway, and what you had to do before structured error handling. It is nice that Progress finally introduces -catchStop (I thought that they only did that with OE 12). Some things about STOP errors are still broken IMO...
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    Answered Window-close trigger

    I suppose you mean "to abort the window-close trigger"? Where is this do-block located? Already in the "on window-close of" trigger? If this is your window-close trigger, you will need "return no-apply" instead of "return" when you want to abort the trigger.
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    Question Using :U with character strings

    Labels are certainly being translated at compile-time and the translations are included in the r-code. The KB entry I mentioned (I didn't open a call, just stumbled upon it) says that this will still work. If that doesn't answer your question you might have to be more specific.
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    Question Using :U with character strings

    OK, I think my question was answered: For release 12.0.0, the Translation Manager and Visual Translator were removed from the product. However it is still possible to use the...
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    Copy from a browse Cell

    Copy what? Are talking about the Windows Clipboard function?
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    -undothrow 2
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    Question Using :U with character strings

    I have the feeling I'm not totally clear what the Translation Manager actually is. Is it a GUI tool to define the translations, or is the ability of the compiler to use the xlatedb and include translations in the .r files part of it? We use our own tool which operates on the XL_* tables in the...
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    Incremental backup same size as full backup

    Look again at what Rob wrote. This is exactly what AI files are for. My company does the same thing for our clients, a full backup at night and rotating AI files maybe every 15 minutes and archiving them. You would be able to restore a backup and roll forward as many AI files as you like. Of...