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[progress News] [progress Openedge Abl] Faster Data Replication: Change Data Capture &...

Discussion in 'Progress Blog' started by Michael Marriage, May 17, 2017.

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  1. Thanks to the new OpenEdge Change Data Capture feature, OpenEdge Pro2 can be managed more easily and performs much faster.

    Progress OpenEdge 11.7 was recently released and includes a lot of new features, with one that particularly benefits OpenEdge Pro2Change Data Capture. OpenEdge Pro2 is a powerful data replication tool used by many Progress customers. In a nut shell, Pro2 replicates changes made in your OpenEdge database to another, making it easy to analyze your current data without sacrificing the performance of your live database. With Change Data Capture, this entire process becomes even faster and easier.

    How Change Data Capture Differs from Replication Triggers

    Currently, designating data you wish to replicate with OpenEdge Pro2 requires the assignment of a replication trigger, which is a manual process. With Change Data Capture, this process becomes automated—simply turn it on, and every change is captured. Not only does this make it easier to track changes to your data, but since CDC is native to the OpenEdge database it performs much faster—up to twice as fast in some tests.

    Another key benefit is that you can manage this process completely online, with no downtime required. So you can be confident that 100% of your changes are being captured, and that your database will always be available while this is taking place.

    What Happens to My Replication Triggers if I Use Change Data Capture?


    Replication triggers are not going away and will remain an option for those customers who are not yet on OpenEdge 11.7 or would simply like to continue using triggers. All of your existing triggers will continue to work, and you can continue adding new ones. Change Data Capture simply provides another option to replicate your data.

    The image on the right (click to enlarge) illustrates how this will work.

    How Can I Use Change Data Capture with OpenEdge Pro2 Today?

    OpenEdge Pro2 5.0 includes a license for Change Data Capture—so as soon as you’re using OpenEdge 11.7 or greater, you’re all set and ready to begin taking advantage of Pro2 5.0.

    Check out the video below to learn more about the latest features in OpenEdge Pro2 5.0.

    You can also find out more about Change Data Capture right here.

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