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Progress Contractor Available

Discussion in 'Contractors Available' started by emead, May 4, 2005.

  1. emead

    emead New Member

    have been programming in Progress since 1992 (version 6.0 thru version 9.1d - Character and GUI). I have worked exclusively in Progress since that time.

    I have worked on a variety of systems, but the majority of my experience has been in manufacturing and distribution systems (3+ years) and financial systems (6+ years), insurance systems (1 year).

    I am available immediately. Additional information and a full resume available upon request.

    email: eriem@earthlink.net
  3. Ms Maggie

    Ms Maggie New Member

    I do have a position in Ohio, however it is a contract for 6 months.. please see my positing.

    thanks, Maggie
  4. emead

    emead New Member

    I'm talking to Stephene right now about this position.
  5. Ms Maggie

    Ms Maggie New Member

    Well.. thats the good news.. :) thanks for responding :)

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