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Port problem, The port xxxx is already in use. (785)

Discussion in 'Database Admin' started by lillaman, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. lillaman

    lillaman New Member


    Im a newbie to Progress administration. We're running Progress 9.1E on W2K3 server. We have several progress databases running simultaniously, and im having serious trouble getting new databases up and running because of port problems. I've searched info from Progress knowledgebase and progress suggests that i should use netstat -na to get a list of which ports are in use (which arent on the list should be available).

    OK, i've checked that, for example port 4015 is not in use, but everytime i try to start the database i get the following error:

    "Error in startup of database localhost:20931:659. Message: 16:46:40 BROKER : ‘’ This process terminated with exit code 1 (8619( JUNMsg024) "

    The log from the database displays the same information.

    Tue Jan 08 16:46:38 2008
    16:46:38 BROKER 0: Multi-user session begin. (333)
    16:46:38 BROKER 0: Begin Physical Redo Phase at 256 . (5326)
    16:46:39 BROKER 0: Physical Redo Phase Completed at blk 374 off 5027 upd 3537. (7161)
    16:46:39 BROKER 0: The port 4015 is already in use. (785)
    16:46:39 BROKER 0: Begin normal shutdown (2248)
    16:46:40 BROKER : Multi-user session end. (334)

    Im hitting my head against a wall here, i've used 1,5 hours just to find a free port which is really annoying. Is there something very simple im missing here or does progress somehow reserve more ports than one for TCP port 4015.

    Please help!
  3. parul

    parul New Member

    Lets do some basic checks.

    1) Does your services file has the service name used for the defaultServerGroup (-S) defined with a corresponding TCP port number?
    test 4015/tcp

    2) Are you starting the database from Progress Explorer? What happens when you start from proenv. Try to start without port.

  4. lillaman

    lillaman New Member

    1) Yes the server ip-address and -S 4015 parameter is configured in the .PF file.

    2) Yes, the startup is done from Progress Explorer, i havent used proenv yet. But starting it without a port is not an option. I can get the database up and running by using port 9876 for example, but im required to use ports 3000-4100, but i know for a fact that all ports from 3000-4100 are not in use, but still i get "port in use" error.

    Does progress reserver more than one TCP port for one configured TCP port number? Is there any way to see which ports are reserver by progress? i've used additional software like TCPVIEW to see which ports are in use, but port 4015 is not in use.
  5. Casper

    Casper ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    With netstat -a you can see which ports are in use.
    If you get error 785 then the port is used by another proces.
    Did you configure minport and maxport as well?

    Try starting the database from proenv with a simple proserve command:
    Code (progress):
    2. proserve path/to/database/databasename -S 4015 -minport 3000 -maxport 4000
    Does the same error occur?

  6. lillaman

    lillaman New Member

    Aye, Checked with netstat -a that port 4015 is not in use, also used tcpview which lists all server applications and services reserving ports: 4015 is free.

    Started the database from proenv, the same error occurs:

    BROKER 0: Multi-user session begin. (333)
    BROKER 0: Begin Physical Redo Phase at 256 . (5326)
    BROKER 0: Physical Redo Phase Completed at blk 374 off 5027 upd 3537. (7161)
    BROKER 0: The port 4015 is already in use. (785)
    BROKER 0: Begin normal shutdown (2248)
    BROKER : Multi-user session end. (334)

    Tried with minport 3000 maxport 4000. The minport - maxport was originally configured 7000 - 9000.
  7. Casper

    Casper ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member


    There must be some port in use, I suppose. Nothing in the KB which seems to indicate an issue with this on windows, apart from the note that this problem could be caused by a virus and some big endian entry in services which for 4015 shouldn't be an issue (HEX: FAF :))

    Do you have virusscanner and or firewall enabled on the machine? Any other port still gives the same problem? (e.g. 3001 for instance).
    (yep as you seen I don't have a clue either....:) )

    Very strange indeed....

    who's next? :)

  8. lillaman

    lillaman New Member

    I can start the database with port 9876, or 6666, but i really would need to use ports 3000-4100 because of specification requirements.

    Odd, im clueless too, no firewall software installed, only antivirus but that doesnt explain why it starts with port 9876 or 6666.

    Previously we had all our progress databases on this server, now they're divided to three other servers. Dont know if somehow the old ports are still "reserved" even though they are not in use.

    I've also tried to increase the dynamic port setting but that doesnt affect anything..
  9. Casper

    Casper ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    Dynamic port ranges are for the server processes. Not for the broker. So that doesn't help. I just added them because of the 3000-4100 limit you gave.

    You restarted the server I pressume. just in case a port is hanging?

  10. Casper

    Casper ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    BTW are the ports 9876 and 6666 randomly chosen ports?
    No success for any other prot between 3000 and 4100?
  11. lillaman

    lillaman New Member

    They're randomly chosen. Have to give the server a boot tomorrow night, havent had the opportunity to give it a good old restart since it's in production use ;).

    Ports 9876 and 6666 we're randomly chosen.

  12. taqvia

    taqvia Member

    Seems a very strange problem and most of the debugging steps have failed. Can you please give a go by disabling the "Application Experience Lookup Service " and try restarting the services and then retstart the database.


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