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Odbc driver

Discussion in 'SQL-92' started by young, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. young

    young New Member

    Where can download merant 3.60 32-bit progress sql92v9.1d?
  2. tamhas

    tamhas ProgressTalk.com Sponsor

    V9 drivers are *sold* as a part of a product called SQL Client, also bundled with Client Networking.

    OE drivers are free via the ESD site, but one tends to have to get one's rep to put it there, i.e., it isn't just a public site where anyone can go and get it.
  3. young

    young New Member

    thank you...my OS is windows server 2003,i got the driver when I installed progress .then i try to use ODBC connect the server (LINUX) ..the error is :"Invalid attribute in connection string" and "Exceeding permissible number of connections"!!!please help me !
  4. tamhas

    tamhas ProgressTalk.com Sponsor

    I'm afraid I'm not clear on your problem. First it seemed like you wanted the driver, now it seems like you have the driver and you are having trouble with it. Could you be clear about what system has the database, what system you are on trying to access it, what products you have installed on each, and what steps you have made to try to make the connection.

    The error message sounds like you have either exceeded the allowable users or that you haven't set up the server correctly to support both ABL and SQL connections. If the latter, you might want to open a thread on the DB admin forum.

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