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MFG/PRO modules..

Discussion in 'QAD's MFG/PRO' started by smruti, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. smruti

    smruti New Member

    Hi frnds...

    Advanced wishes for New Year 2007!!

    Could anybody suggets me wehre can i get technical resource for Functinal area of MFG/PRO modules...especially sales module..

    Thanks in advance..

    Smruti:) .
  3. Max Viskov

    Max Viskov New Member

    What do you mean by "techical resource"? Source code? If you need general documentation, you can get it on support.qad.com with your qad account.

    Max Viskov
    Senior Consultant, Implementation Services
    MFG/PRO Toronto User Group Board Member
    32Soft Inc., an Official QAD Subcontractor
    Need GL Report Writer reports on the Web/Excel?
    Check 32WebReport at http://www.32soft.com/site/modules/xt_conteudo/index.php?id=9[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  4. software_mukesh

    software_mukesh New Member

    hey pls explain in detail about technical refrences........as im having some references regarding sales module...........bt pls be clear first what all u need
  5. smruti

    smruti New Member

    Hi software mukesh
    I need the whole process of sales module
    like ..
    what are all accounts it will affect on each process
    right from the beginning

    -on sales order entry
    -on shipment
    -on invoice

    how it affects the financial side ...
    since am poor at finance
    let me know the funda

    thanks and regds
  6. software_mukesh

    software_mukesh New Member

    hey smruti....since i m also new to Mffgpro and i too poor in finance....see this is the only weakest part inme ..what i thnk so.........
    ........i m having some presentation regarding sales module ...if u give me ur id ..i will forward them to u...i thnk that can help u...to some extent......
    Thanks and Regards
  7. smruti

    smruti New Member

    hi mukesh

    did u send any regarding SO...
    I couldnt recieve any
    expecting quick reply,

    -Ramya :)

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