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Invoice ->Sales-Jrnl ->ar-gl-distr

Discussion in 'Foresight's MXP' started by elasner, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. elasner

    elasner New Member

    I am new to the world of MXP and we are having an issue where certain types of transactions fail to follow the flow. I think I understand the flow, but if I am wrong please correct me.

    during the invoice process in direct billing op/directbf creates the sales-jrnl records. Next ar/slsjrnl creates the ar-gl-distr records based on the data in the sales-jrnl table. Once complete the sales-jrnl is purged.

    The last step is to run the AR to GL interface.

    first question:

    Is the sales-jrnl1 considered a history file of what should have been in the sales-jrnl?

    Second question:

    DOes anyone have any idea how the ar-updated flag could get set to yes, without either the directbf or invoicee programs performing that operation?

  3. lpinfo

    lpinfo New Member

  4. elasner

    elasner New Member

    Thanks Lee it does help, but the actual issue was cased by someone creating a credit memo and picking the ship to not the bill to customer number. This was breaking the link between the invoice and the credit memo. The user received an error message from progress, but ignored it.
  5. DwachNess

    DwachNess New Member

    Admin, where are you?! WTF?! m?..

    wow, seriously?!


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