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Emea Pug Challenge Workshops

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cringer, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Cringer

    Cringer ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    PUG Challenge 2017 - Workshops announced!
    We are pleased to announce an exciting and varied workshop program for Wednesday November 15th (unless otherwise stated, the workshops will be run by Progress).


    • Kendo UI Builder 2.0 Workshop
    • Revamp your OpenEdge application and make it sizzle using plain OE ABL and out-of-the-box Progress products and features
    • PASOE Introduction
    • Table Partitioning

    • 4GL Code Performance – Profiling and Indexing
    • PASOE Spring Security configuration
    • CDC Workshop
    Full Day option
    OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Workshop

    This is a new product in 11.7 that protects your application and database using separation of duties and processes for authentication and authorization. In the morning, you will install and configure the OpenEdge Authentication Server, in the afternoon you will configure an OpenEdge Database to use only the OpenEdge Authentication Server.

    Check out further details and workshop content on our website.

    Please note that workshop seats are limited and registrations will be on “first come first serve” basis.

    Only registered conference delegates are able to attend the workshop program, so don’t delay, book now!
    We look forward to seeing you all in Prague!

    EMEA PUG Challenge Marketing Team
  3. Cringer

    Cringer ProgressTalk.com Moderator Staff Member

    The 4GL Code Performance workshop has sold out in less than 24 hours! Luckily we have the option to run it twice in the day, so keep your eyes peeled for the extra slot.

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