Syteline Project Manager and Syteline 7 Developer (2 open positions)


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(2 Openings) Syteline 7 Developer and Syteline 7 Project Manager

Eclipse Consulting, Inc. is looking for qualified individuals to join our team of expert Syteline Consultants, Developers, and Project Managers:

Position 1:
Syteline 7 Developer

Essential Skills: Strong Syteline7 development skills/experience. You must be comfortable working with not only Forms Personalizations and cosmetic alterations of Crystal Reports, but have a good understanding of IDOs and be able to figure out solutions quickly.

Desired Skills: Crystal Reports, SQL, VB.Net / VBA, SL7 business use experience

Other Information: This position can be REMOTE, if you have a proven track record and an excellent work ethic. Conference calls and clear communication with clients may be required.

Position 2: Syteline 7 Project Manager

Specifically, if you have strong Syteline Project Management skills, please send a confidential inquiry or resume to us at We have an urgent need in the Midwest for a 9 to 12 month 85% onsite Project Manager, on an existing Syteline7.04.20 development project for a large worldwide manufacturer. You must already reside in the US and be legally authorized to work for any US company. Relocation is not required, just being close to a major airport is fine.

Why work for Eclipse Consulting?

We have a highly-talented staff for you to join and enhance, while helping our clients understand and select the absolute best solution to their Syteline needs.

We are looking for folks who enjoy helping companies achieve more from their systems, processes and people. While you must be very sharp on a technical level, you must also possess real-world business acumen and hands-on knowledge. If you are a problem-solver and more tenacious than anyone you know - we invite you to contact us today!

Our team has been working with Syteline and predecessors (Symix/Syman) since 1986 and dates back to the days of Syman 2.6 - while continually improving our skills and always staying ahead of the curve to put our clients' needs first.

Having completed 4 Syteline7 installs, and continually getting contacts from potential clients, the market is growing and if you have the right skills, and more so the right attitude...we invite you to come grow with us!

Please email with your interest, availability and resume / CV for immediate consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Derik Aldridge
Sr. Syteline Consultant
Eclipse Consulting Inc.
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