[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How to customise table content dump in Progress-4GL database administration

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I'm working with Progress-4GL, and in there I'm dealing with quite a large table (+130 field, +8000 tuples).

In order to view that table, I've decided to dump the entries of that table and import this to Excel. This seems quite easy: just use "Data Administration", menu "Admin", menu item "Dump data and definition", "Table contents" (file extension: *.d).

But there's a catch: in the resulting *.d file, the fields are separated using a space, but there are some spaces in some fields, making the result "unimportable" in Excel. Therefore I'd like to separate the fields by a character which is certainly not used in that table (the pipe character ("|") is perfect for that.

Does anybody know how I can tell my general framework (OpenEdge Desktop, release 11.6, not any "Studio" IDE) to use another character as a separator in the *.d table contents dump?

Most probably this is to be done, using an entry in the Progress.ini file (as the answer of this question), but I don't know which entry I'm dealing with.

It would also be nice to have the column headers in that *.d table contents dump, is that even possible?

Thanks in advance

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