Answered Protop on premise

hello everyone,
I'm digging again in Protop, and would like to ask is there is a way to have the web pages on premise and not somewhere in the cloud.
My Admins aren't willing to let health data of our db go trought the web.
Thanks in advance.

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Cringer Moderator
Staff member
Yes there is - you can have a private portal. There is obviously some cost involved here.

For reassurance though, there is no reason for the admins to worry about the health data going to the cloud. There is nothing in there that will tell anyone anything about the data held within the database at all.

The best option would be to reach out to White Star Software directly and let one of their consultants talk it over with you and the admins. They will also be able to provide you with reference customers who will vouch for the security of the product if that is of interest.