Progress Talk and Progress ID


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I'm trying to read a thread on here - and I can't do it without registering a Progress ID. Which I've now done. Any clue how to now find the thread there? When I click on Discussions, I get this endlessly


All I want to do is read a thread ... I can't post the thread link either because then Progress Talk sees my post as spam.


Cringer Moderator
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Not being able to post the link is a bit annoying, yes. I've liked your post and if you get enough likes it should allow you to post them in future.

I presume you clicked a link on one of the external resources feed posts? Those link out to the Progress Community pages. No harm having your Progress ID there. The Progress COmmunity pages had a migration recently so some external links are fried. Best idea would be to go directly to Progress Customer Community and search for the thread you need there.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
When I click on Discussions
Do you mean the link that says "PSDN Community Discussion Forum" under External Resource Feeds? That's the only "Discussion" I see on the ProgressTalk home page.

Those posts link through to Progress' Community site. Otherwise, accessing content on this site doesn't require a Progress ID, which is Progress' single sign-on; it is not related to ProgressTalk.