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Hi !! I'm trying to use pdfinclude to merge a new pdf file with an existent pdf file but it creates a new blank file. Can someone help me?

{pdf\pdf_inc.i} /*This runs as persistent*/

RUN pdf_new ("Spdf","C:\Alianca\thiago\pdf\teste2.pdf").

RUN pdf_open_pdf("Spdf","C:\Alianca\thiago\pdf\nota.pdf","PO").

RUN pdf_use_PDF_page("Spdf","PO",1).

RUN pdf_new_page("Spdf").

RUN pdf_close("Spdf").

RUN OpenDocument("C:\Alianca\thiago\pdf\teste2.pdf").


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Hi Thiago
You are using a very old version of pdfInclude.
The support for existent pdfs is not good is the old version, and has since been completely rewritten.
The old version can load existent pdf files, but is not compatible with any possible pdf. In fact it is compatible with very few pdf files, generated with very old versions of Adobe distiller (4.0) or Open Office (3.0).
Please check pdfInclude pdf generation framework for Progress OpenEdge for the new versions, and let's talk about this.
Hope to read you soon
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