Question Inetgrate prolint with Round table


Hi All,

We are using RTB as program version management system in Linux server.
Is it possible to integrate Prolint with RTB and How?
Can you please suggest me any links or documents related to this topic.

Thank you.


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You should try emailing RTB support, assuming you are legal with them - those guys are super helpful, I think my every experience with them has been good to great.

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Jeff occasionally reads the forums, but as Greg says, their support is second to none.
There is no out-of-the-box integration with Prolint. I'm not sure if Prolint is still actively maintained, but others have done some intergration. As Thomas points out, there is a project on OEHive for it and that would probably server as a good starting point. All integration should be based on the Roundtable event-hooks and APIs so it should be pretty easy to customize to your specification.
Thank you guys for the comments on our support. We try to hard to give the same kind of support experience that we would want to receive ourselves. Since we use Roundtable to manage Roundtable development, we are generally on top of things. :)

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Note that OE Hive is where all matters ProLint should go. It is the reference. While there is not much being done with it these days, it is the place where all the things that have been done with it are documented. There is a forum. Note that ProLint is limited to some degree by Proparse, which is no longer being maintained and has no 11.x syntax. There is a new product under development by Gilles Querret of Riverside software which will include ProLint type functionality, but the rules will be written in Java, so they may be harder for you to customize. It will be integrated with PDS/OEA. I don't know if Gilles has considered Roundtable. In a few days or so, I imagine the PUG Challenge Americas website will have the talks posted, possibly including audio, depending on how well that experiment worked. Gilles gave a talk on his tool.