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dump & load


This is my first post.

I am new to progress and still getting my head round unix.

I am attempting to do a dump and load, I found some old notes left by my predecessor which involves using the MFG-Pro mgdl.r program, but I have hit a few problems when attempting to load the .d files back into an empty db, SO i was going to try doing it by the book but have hit a hurdle straight away :(.

In the sys admin book II page 4-54 states "select the admin tab"
er...I dont have an admin tab ???, although I do have a security tab that is NOT in the screenshot on that page...???.

Any ideas ??,

here's my versions:

MFG-Pro = 7.79
HP-UX = 10.01
progress = 6.3E03


Steve :): confused:
open the progress editor with
pro &lt;dbname&gt;

then in the editor type:
Now you should see the Admin-tab