Changing idxcheck validation default options

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Am using OE 11.7.3 with RHEL 6.x.

I know idxcheck comes with below default options. Is there a way to change these options to select more? Ideally I would like to select option 3 (Validate record for each key) along with the other selected options. I am hoping to skip a couple of steps by changing the default options.

Index Check Utility

Select one of the following:
All (a/A) - Check all the indexes
Some (s/S) - Check only some of the indexes
By Area (r/R) - Check indexes in selected areas
By Schema (c/C) - Check indexes by schema owners
By Table (t/T) - Check indexes in selected tables
By Partition (p/P) - Choose indexes in selected table partitions
Validation (o/O) - Change validation options
Multi-Tenancy (m/M) - Choose tenants or groups
Quit (q/Q) - Quit, do not Check

Enter your selection:

Validation Options
* 1 - Validate physical consistency of index blocks
* 2 - Validate keys for each record
3 - Validate record for each key
* 4 - Validate key order
5 - Validate tree
L - Lock tables during the check
R - Reset error limit, current: 500
C - Continue to execute
Q - Quit

Hoping for some help with this!


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
It isn't well documented and is a bit fiddly, but a lot of the OE command line utilities work with stdin redirection. If you always want to check all indexes with validation options 1 to 4, you could do something like this:
proutil dbname -C idxcheck < idxch_in

where the file idxch_in contains the keystrokes you want fed in:

Alternatively you can cat a file or use an echo command with a pipe. e.g. cat idxch_in | proutil dbname -C idxcheck