Cannot select database in query builder


Hi all,

I'm running Dev Studio 11.6.4, editing a .w file in the "ABL UI Designer" view. I pick a browse from the object palette and drop it onto the canvas. The query builder dialog appears as expected, but it won't let me pick a table from my second connected database (which is a temp-db database). The temp-db doesn't show in the 'database' dropdown in table view in query builder, even though it is connected. I can only pick tables from my first connected database.

I can see temp-db if I go into data dictionary or data admin, and num-dbs = 2 if I query it from the procedure editor. It is also visible in OpenEdge --> Tools --> Temp-db maintenance. It just doesn't show in the query builder for some reason. Is there a trick to accessing it? I tried making it the current working DB, but that didn't help. Disconnecting the other DB causes Dev Studio to really take its bat and ball home - all manner of error messages ensue, and the query builder table view shows no databases at all.

FWIW, the project is using the shared AVM and both databases are running with brokers that auto-start when the project is opened. No other projects are open in the workspace.


Cringer Moderator
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Hi Tarby - I think this might be one for Progress Tech Support. Although I would add a caveat that getting up to at least the latest patch of 11.7 would be a good call. The ABL UI Designer has had a number of improvements and fixes since 11.6. And of course 11.6 is obsolete.