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    Question Min and Max Date range that we can enter to progress DB

    Can someone tell what date range we can enter to OpenEdge DB. Is it correct it could be in the range of 01/01/1950 - 01/01/2049 ? so if someone enters from application (mm/dd/yy format) a date of 12/20/80, then progress understands it as 1980 date instead of 2080? is that right? Or this is...
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    Question Shared memory in use.

    Hello All - I am Beginner in Progress DB, So could you guys please help me to move forward in my process. Actually I want to do the truncate BI files for our Test Database which is installed on the same windows drive where the production DB is installed. I shutdown the Test DB and when running...
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    Can we do tabanalys while the DB is Up and Running

    Hello All - I am little new to the DB admin tasks and I need your expert advice. I need to count the Database Table Records for the production DB. So could anyone suggest whats the best way to do so. I know using tabanalys we can get the record count of each table in the DB. proutil...
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    Question Condition Basis - For each

    Hello All - I am stuck in one situation where I need to understand - How can I achieve the For each block on the basis of some condition. I am using OpenEdge 11.1. I want to achieve something like that as I mentioned below (I know the below one is erroneous): If condition-1 then do...
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    Concept: Diff between FORM and FRAME

    ALL - Could any one explain whats the basic differences between FORM and a FRAME. And what we can achieve from the one which we cannot from the other. Because till now I am not able to find any such difference. So please help in understanding the actual concept behind the 2 for most of our...
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    Help: Search Calling Programs of Include Files

    Hello All, Could anyone help me - to find the file names (in a particular directory) which uses some particular include file. I am using progress 10.2B and Unix evn. E.g. I am in a directory say /rd/src/ This directory contains 100 .p's and 10 include files - total of 110 files Now I have to...
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    How to disable the Fill-in?

    Hi, On a smart window, I placed one Fill-in. Now my requirement is to grey-out the fill-in (or we can say to disable the fill-in but it's box should be visible) by the use of coding (not by setting it's property). I.e. suppose when we add a fill-in on smart-window - by default properties...
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    How to Hide Column Data of a Browser based on some condition?

    Hello All, I need one help regarding Browser Column Data hide based on some run-time condition: i.e. In browser, we have a freeform query written and in display trigger of br_table we have few fields which we need to display in the browser. eg. tt-abc.a column-label "Test1" tt-abc.b...
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    How to hide a radio-button of a radio-set on run-time condition?

    Hello All, I just stuck on one issue to hide one of the radio-button among 3 radio-buttons of a radio-set on the basis of a run-time condition. I mean - I defined a radio-set(rsXYZ) containing 3 radio-buttons("X",1, "Y",2, "Z",3). Now on the basis of one run-time condition, I want to hide one...
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    Progress 4GL concept

    Hello All, Just need to know 2 concepts behind Variable & temp-table. 1) If we define some variables in a program but we are not using it. Still progress uses some space either in memory/disk for those unused variables? 2) Suppose If we define 4 temp-tables like some DB tables and in our code...
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    Blink Text In Progress

    Hello All, Is this possible to Blink the text string using Progress 9.1E in CHUI? Thanks.
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    Getting error during Restore: Error 9452

    Hello All, While doing a restore of Database backup to a new empty database using "prorest" command, I am getting the below error: ************************************************** proenv>prorest D:\Progress\WRK\ttjob jobdb.bak PROGRESS Version 9.1E as of Tue Oct 12 20:29:29 EDT 2004 Start of...
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    Help Needed - Progress DB Restore

    Hello All, I am very new to progress DB administration. Recently I got a progress backup file (.bk) from third party. And we need the data from that backup file for some analysis. So kindly help me, I will really be thankful to you... My doubts are: 1) How I will get to know that the backup...
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    Help required about Webspeed

    Hello All, Can anybody brief me about webspeed ? that what it is ? and how can i use it ? Just a brief idea and if possible any short document which gives me an idea of webspeed ... Not indepth just an overview or broad idea about webspeed. Thanks Reynold
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    Help Required - Brief About Webspeed

    Hello All, Can anybody brief me about webspeed ? that what it is ? and how can i use it ? Just a brief idea and if possible any short document which gives me an idea of webspeed ... Not indepth just an overview or broad idea about webspeed. Thanks Reynold
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    Urgent Please Help

    Problem is we are storeing the database table(pt_mstr) field name in a local variable l (ex pt_prod_line) and that database field value in another local variable k(the value of pt_prod_line as 9955) ... now there is an item whose item code(pt_part) is "xx01" ... now we have to check for that...
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    Would anybody tell me how can i display "&" in the form lable in progress v9.1D. example that i want to ask : FORM d_chk LABEL "d&c" AT ROW 1 COLUMN 20 WITH FRAME a SIDE-LABELS. but when i use this it will not display d&c in the form output , so how can i use "&" as a character to...
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    Say Hello

    Hello Progress talk Friends.... I joined it today ..i think it's a good step to share our knowledge about progress 4GL ... and i promise everyone that i will bocome it's active member always... Keep Going...