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  1. Cringer

    Error Radio-Set vertical attribute is not working

    One thread will suffice. I've closed this so there's no confusion.
  2. Cringer

    Question Realese Buffer

    The obvious question is why you want to do that. What are you trying to achieve?
  3. Cringer

    Question Scratchpad Selective Amnesia

    It's superbly good for little snippets of code. I'm with Stefan - if it has meaning it goes into SCM. I use it in 12.2.6 without any issues like you mention. It's still dysfunctional as Stefan says but I never lose code. I don't remember it being a problem in 11.6 either but that was a very...
  4. Cringer

    Epicor - ABL export to excel

    It would help if you would give us the errors you receive rather than just saying it doesn't work. In this case I guess it doesn't work because you need to define the output location: output to value (vCSVFileName) [append]. And you'll need to close the output as well once done.
  5. Cringer

    Database Change Request Form - Template

    Another one to watch out for is changes to the length of an extent.
  6. Cringer

    Database Change Request Form - Template

    I've worked under numerous folks over the years, all with different approaches, but the one that caused the most food for thought was the policy that all schema change requests had to also come with sample data in a .d file. This had a number of purposes. 1) The developer has actually tested...
  7. Cringer

    Question Copy replication trigger assignments.

    Aren't they in the df of the database? Can't you just therefore create an incremental df to load?
  8. Cringer

    ODBC data sources in VBA using .ADP Access forms

    Hi @Ross55, this forum has nothing to do with Pervasive databases. I doubt anyone will be able to help.
  9. Cringer

    Answered Query performance

    It does indeed work. Although I agree with @Stefan that the complication is bad.. FUNCTION MyFunc RETURNS INTEGER (): MESSAGE 111 VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. RETURN 10. END FUNCTION. DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER NO-UNDO. DO i = myfunc () TO 1 BY -1: END.
  10. Cringer

    App Server not starting

    Your appserver will have a broker and server log file. These are a good place to look for errors.
  11. Cringer

    Answered Query performance

    In reality assigning the NUM-ENTRIES () to a variable probably makes very little difference, but Tom is correct, that one probably should. I'll leave the religious wars on keyword casing to others. As well as the variable naming conventions. I write my code based upon the conventions of the...
  12. Cringer

    How long has this been wrong?

  13. Cringer

    Answered Query performance

    I was a bit busy earlier, but I have had time to write a more efficient solution for the Sports DB as an example: DEFINE VARIABLE cCountries AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO INITIAL "USA,Finland,France". DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE cCurrentCountry AS...
  14. Cringer

    Answered Query performance

    I agree the first will be better, and assigning the ENTRY() result to a variable will make a difference.
  15. Cringer

    Answered Query performance

    Both options will almost certainly result in a whole index read of the Order table. Functions in query predicates are typically hard to resolve and so you end up with poor performance. You could use an OPEN QUERY or a Dynamic Query to solve the problem more efficiently.
  16. Cringer

    Question GetDateFormatEx - how to access Windows constants?

    Well I never. My memory is failing. You're right of course, Tom.
  17. Cringer

    Question GetDateFormatEx - how to access Windows constants?

    You will have to create a constants library yourself. In your version the best way will be an include file I guess. In a modern version you could encapsulate them in an object.
  18. Cringer

    Progress Talk and Progress ID

    Not being able to post the link is a bit annoying, yes. I've liked your post and if you get enough likes it should allow you to post them in future. I presume you clicked a link on one of the external resources feed posts? Those link out to the Progress Community pages. No harm having your...
  19. Cringer

    What is the FASTEST Computer Language? 45 Languages Tested!

    Yeah... be pretty easy to make a program to calculate primes slowly...