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  1. Stefan

    Abl Dojo

    This morning I discovered ABL dojo. Very cool! OpenEdge Advanced Business Language Dojo - Progress I could mention stealth marketing etc - but if it weren't for Mike Fechner posting an issue on Progress Communities I wouldn't have known about it. Ok Chris, now how about embedding ABL dojo in...
  2. Stefan

    Comment smtpmail.p international characters in subject

    Mail sent using smtpmail.p should be encoding the subject if it contains 'special' characters. The following function encodeRFC2047 (and helper function dectohex) does this: /* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Name] dectohex...
  3. Stefan

    Resolved Spammers?

    I'm seeing quite some odd new user activity as in users being created. There does not seem to be a public list of users created in the past few days, only the alphabetical list - which seems to consist of quite a few spam attempts. Time to purge the list?
  4. Stefan

    E-mail notifications down again?

    My last daily updates are from September 20th. My last thread update is from September 19th. Thanks.
  5. Stefan

    Browse - best way to show total lines

    10.2B / 11.0 OpenEdge GUI. Our report engine is currently defining all totalizable decimal temp-table fields as characters and left padding with spaces to right-align them. This is done with one goal - to be able to show total lines above and below totals. This has one major drawback and that...
  6. Stefan

    Query error raises a STOP?!?

    OpenEdge 10.2B04 GUI A theoretically (based on the code) impossible entry outside range of list error was occurring in a static query on a temp-table. Since it was theoretically impossible I decided I would simply catch it, log it and analyze the results later. But then along came the fun...
  7. Stefan

    Mail clogged up again?

    I'm not getting e-mails when replies are posted in threads I'm involved in. Please ignore - just looking in the wrong outlook folders... ahem.
  8. Stefan

    Can AppServers be run with a lower process priority?

    OpenEdge 10.1C / 10.2B Windows / Linux AppServers I am looking into spreading the workload passed to AppServers based on the function executed. For example all user interface actions should be handled directly, all reports can be handled at a lower priority. The lower priority is required to...
  9. Stefan

    Flatten a table

    I have a main table that has a 0:N relationship with another table. I (well really not me, but the puzzle intrigued me) want to present the first two (in reality five) results of the other table as columns of the main table. The other table can contain 0 to N rows. Main: id,name 1,one 2,two...
  10. Stefan

    XREF and temp-tables

    Windows 7 x64 with 10.2B04 32-bit (also verified with 9.1E04 on Windows 2003 32-bit). I have seen a few posts on ProgressTalk with references to unexpected behavior of XREF in combination with temp-tables. Today I wanted to see the index selection being used and to my surprise nothing that is...
  11. Stefan

    Valid violation of encapsulation?

    The past few days there has been quite some discussion on encapsulation (on the peg). The following is an excerpt from our documentation on how to talk to our business logic (running on its own AppServer). The business logic temp-tables are exposed to the outside world in a prodataset and...
  12. Stefan


    I noticed the spam attacks are up again (thanks for restoring e-mail notifications ;-)). I found two imho interesting things on the web: spam-o-matic: I also noticed that the bulletin is...
  13. Stefan

    Improving Oracle FIND LAST performance

    As documented in the Oracle DataServer manual the FIND FIRST / FIND LAST does not perform. Basically the Oracle DBMS is building up a complete result set and the DataServer then using the first / last record. We have a table that has a unique index consisting of a sequence number (we could...