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  1. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Command to Write into a PDF Template

    And the future maintainer who inherits your code will thank you for avoiding bit-twiddling. ;)
  2. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question GetDateFormatEx - how to access Windows constants?

    I'm sure you're already doing this Marcia, but do ensure that you document this OS dependency for future reference. As part of an OS-certification project, I once had to find and document all of the external dependencies in a multi-million-line code base, because we needed to develop a test...
  3. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Progress Talk and Progress ID

    Do you mean the link that says "PSDN Community Discussion Forum" under External Resource Feeds? That's the only "Discussion" I see on the ProgressTalk home page. Those posts link through to Progress' Community site. Otherwise, accessing content on this site doesn't require a Progress ID...
  4. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Leave statement in a For each loop will release the lock

    Please enclose your code within CODE tags for readability. Exclusive locks only happen within transactions and are not released until the transaction ends. To determine what happens with locks you need to understand your transaction scope and record scope. So start with a compile listing. If...
  5. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Allowing blank user connections while allowing SQL connections

    Better late than never... Testing on 64-bit 11.3.0 on Linux. P125338 (Knowledge Article): This KB lists two access methods: using the default DBA privilege of the database creator account; creating an implicit account and granting DBA privilege to it. I can get both to work, though the KB...
  6. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    You won't necessarily find out directly which procedure locked a record (more on that below). But you can follow a process to find out. The first step is to identify, as quickly as possible, that a client is blocked (i.e. queued, waiting on a record lock). For example you could use the...
  7. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Example Of Call To Webservice Using Library

    Please create a new thread for a new discussion.
  8. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    The schema holder has no data. The only locks I would expect in it would be if you were modifying the schema. I don't think data-access code would be doing anything with the schema holder, other than compiling dynamic queries. Certainly no "table locks".
  9. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    I don't know your application topology. If your OE App Servers are the only database clients then they are responsible for any record locks on the SQL side. If there are other SQL database clients that may be locking records that your App Server agents are attempting to lock then your scope of...
  10. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Transaction question.

    Then I assume some other requirement or constraint that we haven't yet heard was what prevented you from moving forward with CDC?
  11. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Allowing blank user connections while allowing SQL connections

    I'll try for the "upgrade" later tonight. :)
  12. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Transaction question.

    Hi Ron, What you are building sounds a lot like Change Data Capture. Your X is the change table and Y is the change-tracking table. You're on 11.7.4, where the CDC add-on product is available. Why not use CDC instead of building all of these mechanisms manually?
  13. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Returning to the called program

    I suggest stepping through your code in the debugger.
  14. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Allowing blank user connections while allowing SQL connections

    By default, a SQL user is denied all privileges on all tables until they are GRANTed specific per-table privileges by a DBA user. The exception is when the user in question is a DBA. In that case they have all privileges on all existing tables and and new tables that are added later. But for...
  15. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Allowing blank user connections while allowing SQL connections

    Initially you said you got "authentication failed", which would be a login error. Then the error you showed was "authorization failed", which means you logged in successfully but were not authorized for the data you tried to access. Were these two separate incidents? Or was it actually an...
  16. Rob Fitzpatrick

    tool to read LOG-MANAGER output

    I don't know if this will be helpful but you can give it a shot. Progress KB - Is there a utility to read log files?
  17. Rob Fitzpatrick


    I understand the appeal of treating databases like containers so you can mentally compartmentalize components by their business function. But I can't agree with a blanket statement that it "significantly improves performance"; particularly when you're talking about someone else's application...
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    Yes, though it is limited. There is a "Table Relations" report in the data dictionary. It assumes that fields are named the same across tables. So if you have a "custnum" field in table A and a child table B with the same data in a "cust-num" or "B-custnum" field, that tool won't report on...
  20. Rob Fitzpatrick

    two librarys

    You shouldn't think of it as running libraries. The propath is a search list. So, although it's a simplification, in this context think of a procedure library as being like a directory. If your propath looks like this: dirA dirB dirC and all of those directories contain a file foo.r, the...