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  1. KMoody

    Changing a Field's Extent in 11.7.3

    According to this article, it's not possible to change a field's extent once you commit a database. Is this still true in 11.7.3?
  2. KMoody

    Audit Archive Failure

    We ran the following on Sunday, March 8, at 3 AM: proutil /users/mf/live/db/mffg1 -C auditarchive -directory /users/mf/live/db/audit_archive/ The log shows the following: OpenEdge Release 11.7.5 as of Fri Jun 7 08:29:03 EDT 2019 Archive all the records prior to 2020/03/08@03:00:01.530-0500...
  3. KMoody

    Question Storing Auditing Data in Production Databases

    OpenEdge documentation recommends archiving auditing data separately from production databases. I'd like to get some clarification on the reasons why. (Context: Our production databases are 4.8 GB, and our archive database is 10 GB. We are not legally bound to use auditing; for us, it serves as...
  4. KMoody

    Question PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE Archive File Overwrite

    The OpenEdge documentation says the following: However, it seems like PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE doesn't give you the choice to overwrite the existing audit archive (abd). In my cronjob script, I ran the following: yes | proutil /users/mf/live/db/mffg1 -C auditarchive -directory...
  5. KMoody

    Question Online Field/Table Description Changes

    Is it true that changing the description of a table or field is not allowed while its database is in multi-user mode? If so, I'd like to understand why. If users can change the format of existing fields online, then why can't they change descriptions?
  6. KMoody

    Running dump_d with Enterprise License

    Progress: 11.7.5 Server 1: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1, OE Enterprise RDBMS Only Server 2: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1, OE Enterprise RDBMS and 4GL Development System I've compiled prodict/dump_d.p on Server 2 and copied the .r to the same directory on Server 1. However, when I...
  7. KMoody

    Loading Audit Policies Error

    Progress: 11.7.5 Server OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 On the Linux server, we first dump from a database (D1) and load it into another (D2). After loading all non-auditing information into D2, we run the following: /* ... */ /* Load Audit Data Note: Requires a minimum of...
  8. KMoody

    Question Creating Buffer Objects Error

    Progress: 11.7.5 Server OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 We're in the middle of upgrading from Progress 10.2b to 11.7.5. In 10.2b, we were sometimes able to run the following, even when "CONNECTED('mffg1')" was false: DEFINE VARIABLE hPopupBuffer AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. CREATE...
  9. KMoody

    BULKLOAD Across Servers

    Progress: 11.7.5 Server OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 Let's say we have an empty database on Server 1 and an FD file on Server 2. Is it possible to issue a BULKLOAD command to the empty database on Server 1 to load the FD file on Server 2? (It may not be fast or practical, but is it...
  10. KMoody

    Adecomm Library

    Progress: 11.7.5 Server OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 $DLC: /usr/dlc PROPATH: /usr/dlc/tty /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/ /usr/dlc/tty/
  11. KMoody

    OpenEdge 11.7.5 Service Pack

    According to this article, OpenEdge Service Pack 11.7.5 was considered "Mature" as of March 2019. However, I found a product alert from June 20, 2019 announcing 11.7.5's availability. Does this mean 11.7.5 was actually released after March? Should we consider it "Active" or "Mature?"
  12. KMoody

    Audited Table Size Reporting

    Our auditing tables take up almost 10GB, twice as large as the rest of our databases. I want to figure out where all this data is coming from. Is there a way to find out how much space it takes to store auditing information for tables and their fields? For example, if I audit twenty tables, can...
  13. KMoody

    Editing Cell in a Browse

    I have an editable column called "SUB NUM." Let's say I select a row like this: How do I enter the current row's "SUB NUM" field to edit it, like this, without using the mouse?:
  14. KMoody

    Question Logging Error 2624 and STOP Condition

    OpenEdge Release: 10.2B07 When two users try to access the same record using EXCLUSIVE-LOCK, the second user gets the following popup message: <file-name> in use by <user> on <tty>. Wait or choose CANCEL to stop. (2624) Is there some way we can log when a user chooses CANCEL? Can we do this...
  15. KMoody

    Locking Scope

    I'm having some trouble with a record's locking scope. Our table SYSMST2 keeps track of the next available order number. Using OE-01A.P, we need to increment SYSMST2.nextord in each time we enter a new order in MAIN.P below. We want to unlock SYSMST2 immediately after incrementing...
  16. KMoody

    Class Source Code (.cls) vs. Run-time Code (.r) Reference Order

    If I reference a static class within a program (example: "x:methodname();"), why would Progress reference the source code of a class (X.CLS) instead of its run-time code (X.R)? Here's my situation: I have the following PROPATH in my dev environment...
  17. KMoody

    Schema Selection Missing Tables

    OpenEdge Release: 10.2B07 Eclipse Platform Version: 3.4.2.R342_v20090122-9I96EiWElHi8lheoJKJIvhM3JfVsYbRrgVIWL In the AppBuilder, I'm using the ProBindingSource Designer to bind a Progress database table to a BindingSource object. However, I can't see all of the tables in my database; it looks...
  18. KMoody

    Displaying Editor With Vertical Scrollbar Enabled

    DEFINE VARIABLE y AS CHARACTER FORMAT "X(1)". FORM y VIEW-AS EDITOR size 60 by 11 SCROLLBAR-VERTICAL AT 10 SKIP(1) HEADER "Title" AT 25 SKIP(1) WITH NO-LABELS NO-UNDERLINE NO-BOX DOWN FRAME work2. y = "This is a lot of text~n~n~n~n~n~n This is a lot of text.". DISPLAY y WITH...
  19. KMoody

    Roll-forward Recovery: Skipping Operations

    OpenEdge Release: 10.2B07 Database: Type II Our databases use backups and after images. I know how to recover the databases to a certain time by rolling AI files forward against a backup file. Is it possible to skip parts of AI file operations? For example, a user makes a critical data entry...
  20. KMoody

    Updating Openedge Architect

    I want to make sure I have the latest version of OpenEdge Architect for OpenEdge 10.2b Service Pack 7. Here's what I currently have: Progress OpenEdge Architect: Eclipse Platform: 3.4.0 Are these the latest versions I can use for our version of Progress?