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  1. JoseKreif

    Resolved Strange problem related to streams and break by totals.

    Why is it that using a total will cause Progress to process code, even though it doesn't meet the condition? def var yesno as log no-undo. def stream s_file. def temp-table t-table field name as char field age as int. create t-table. assign name = "Bob" age = 44. if yesno then output...
  2. JoseKreif

    Resolved Infinit Loop With For Each

    I have a for each loop with a temp-table that just won't end. Using an incremented number on each of the records, I can see that the for each loop is starting over after hitting the last record. Q: What are some things that would cause this? I'll note the for each is wrapped inside of a...
  3. JoseKreif

    Question DBA Users in Progress 10.2B

    For clarity I'm using Progress 10.2B on a Linux OS. I add users by going into: Tools > Data Dictionary > Admin > Security > Edit User List We want to make sure that certain accounts connecting to the SQL are not granted DBA rights, and that 1 or 2 are.. There is no option to pick whether or...
  4. JoseKreif

    What is field width? [Open Edge 10.2b)

    I feel dumb for not knowing this. What is field width? I would assume it's the number of characters the field is allowed to retain; however; I can set a field width to 5, but I can store more than 5 characters in a given field.
  5. JoseKreif

    Question Add "total By" To A Variable

    I'm would like to get the total and save it to a variable to use outside of the display command. For example For each customer where age = 21 break by state: display Customer state balance(total by state). end. FYI This is purely a fictional example In the example, I would list customers...
  6. JoseKreif

    Resolved Odd Outcome With "find"

    The Find statement in my program does not seem to be working. The "if not avail" block will always execute thus creating a duplicate record. However, the statement will work if I run it on it's own in the code editor. Here is the code example find [table] where [table].[field] = [variable]...
  7. JoseKreif

    Answered Scheme Changes & Recompilation

    Sorry if this is a noobie question. Our team is in the process of deciding whether or not to add a new table to one of our databases. IIRC, my progress mentor told me when I started learning that any changes to the database schema would require all programs to be recompiled. Does this only...
  8. JoseKreif

    Answered Are Procedure Libraries Present In 10.2b?

    I've stumbled across a feature while learning some OpenEdge ABL 11.x. One thing I liked was something they refer to as "Procedure Libraries" You can have ProcLib.p . This procedure file will only have procedures in it. It will not have any code in the main block. Now you can have...
  9. JoseKreif

    Resolved Counting Value Occurrence In Returned Records

    I'm writing a small program to automate a certain task. I have the user lookup records with certain detains and I populate a CSV spreadsheet with all possible values. The user has to look in this spread sheet for the odd value in on of the fields. I've taken two fields out of the bunch to...
  10. JoseKreif

    Resolved Error Throw/catch

    Progress Version = 10.2b Operating System = Linux, RedHat Enterprise We are apparently experiencing a "More than one [table] found with a UNIQUE find" when the program runs. I've checked the source code and the find statement uses "No-Error", so that error should not show up. I've also put...
  11. JoseKreif

    Resolved Using Break By - Error "missing For, Find Or Create"

    This is probably a rookie mistake, but I can't see why it doesn't work. for each custs break by state: if first-of(state) then display state. accumulate discount (sub-total by state). display num name discount (total by state). if last-of(state) then display state ACCUM...
  12. JoseKreif

    Resolved Using Scope Defined With Condition

    Can scoped variables ever change at run time? Something isn't quite right right this. do v-cnt = 1 to 3: /** master loop **/ case v-cnt: when 1 then &scoped-define STRM s-1. when 2 then &scoped-define STRM s-2. when 3 then &scoped-define STRM s-3. end...
  13. JoseKreif

    Probably Will Be Around The Forums For Help More Often

    I'm just gonna use this as a introduction thread. I am a 23 yr old male. I graduated with an Associates Degree for programming and ended up getting a career immediately following. This is kind of a long and sad story. So you can just skip to TL-DR I recently started a new job as a Progress...
  14. JoseKreif

    Resolved Removing New Lines From Csv Preserving Rows

    I got a CSV I am importing using import stream s-in unformatted v-data. Thing is there is a gift_message column where users say stuff like That one column will be read as 4 rows 1: "From: Me 2: To: You 3: 4: I hope you enjoy" I tried Assign v-data = replace(v-data,chr(10),"... ")...
  15. JoseKreif

    Set Formatting When Exporting To Csv [closed]

    I got a program, and it exports tracking numbers to a orders spreadsheet. When all is said and done, the travking numbers will be in scientific format. Can I get progress to put them out as normal? Or it this an Excel problem?
  16. JoseKreif

    Question -solved- Formating Char With Leading 0s

    I can't find much in the progress PDFs i have, so I turn to the community. I have a vendor table, each vendor has a unique value for "vendor number". I'm writing a report which contains these numbers. Not every ID is the same length. So I'd like to add leading zeros to them. The vendor ID is...
  17. JoseKreif

    Question Switching Off Character Mode

    I'm learning Progress for my job. I was running one example when I got CREATE WINDOW in character-mode is not supported. (4139) **Unable to set attribute WIDTH on WINDOW widget in the current environment. I'm using Progress v10 on CentOS 5.