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    Manual Server (-m2) is that only use for debug ??

    Hi All: the manual said -m2 have 2 purpose .. did any one use -m2 for other work ,like normal login broker ?? usually -m3 is for SQL92 Connection . did some one use the broker for Application Server connection ?? TKS Use Manual Server (-m2) to manually start a remote user server after you...
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    Question Did any one run 9.1D09 on Solaris 11 ?

    hi gus : we have a progress 9.1D09 system runing on Solrais 10, but now we face a Oracle Solaris bug . need upgrade to Solaris 11. did any guides have experiences about 91D09 run on Solaris 11 ? it is easy for us to do that , upgrade DB or program need more and more test time...