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  1. Cringer

    New style spam

    We've been getting quite a lot of posts on the Chit Chat forum this week where new users are posting carbon copies of ancient threads in an attempt to get around the spam filters. If you see some weird questions coming up, please google the text and if you find a match for an old post then flag...
  2. Cringer

    Large Files enabled backup creates Large Files enabled DB in Workgroup

    Version 11.6 Progress. I created a database locally. It's a merge of 2 databases and I enabled Large Files so I could just let variable extents grow during the binary load in order to use those to size the extents for the eventual database. I took a backup of this Large Files enabled database...
  3. Cringer

    EMEA PUG Challenge 2018 thread

    Who's going? Anyone need any inside info on Dublin, on how to get to and from Croke Park, anything else? What about the sessions you're looking forward to? Any scheduling conflicts you're debating about?
  4. Cringer

    Slow to migrate?

    I think I've found why some people are so slow to migrate to newer versions of Progress. "I like progress but I hate change." Jon Bon Jovi
  5. Cringer

    Comment EMEA PUG Challenge 2018 - Workshops and Breakouts announced

    We've now fully published the Wednesday agenda for EMEA PUG Challenge 2018, including workshops and breakouts. EMEA PUG Challenge We've also published details of the other sessions on offer n the Thursday and Friday, no timings yet though. EMEA PUG Challenge So get signed up!
  6. Cringer

    Good quote

    When is 'FREE' more expensive? When you have an enterprise to run.
  7. Cringer

    Visual Designer problem in 11.7.3

    We (Consultingwerk) have just logged an issue with Progress Software that has severe impact on the Visual Designer in OpenEdge 11.7.3. This regression disallows updating properties of ABL user controls in the Visual Designer. These properties are disabled in the Property Grid. This was working...
  8. Cringer

    11.7.3 Temporarily pulled from ESD

    More info here: Progress KB - Product Alert - OpenEdge Service Pack 11.7.3 on hold
  9. Cringer

    10.2B Obsolete - how to encourage customers to upgrade

    Just so I can plan ahead, when will that line apply to 10.2B08?
  10. Cringer

    Emea Pug Challenge Workshops

    PUG Challenge 2017 - Workshops announced! We are pleased to announce an exciting and varied workshop program for Wednesday November 15th (unless otherwise stated, the workshops will be run by Progress). Morning Kendo UI Builder 2.0 Workshop Revamp your OpenEdge application and make it sizzle...
  11. Cringer

    Error Email Alerts Seem To Be Not Working At The Moment

    Chris, any ideas what's going on?
  12. Cringer

    Emea Pug Challenge - Early Bird Still Available

    Super Early Bird sold out already - Early Bird tickets still available Soon after opening registration for our Prague 2017 conference, more than 100 delegates have already booked and taken advantage of the Super Early bird discount. If you're not one of those, don't despair, we still have Early...
  13. Cringer

    Emea Pug Challenge Registration Open

    Conference Registration is now open! Registration is now open for the EMEA PUG Challenge 2017 conference in Prague. We have a new website and have re-designed our booking process making it easier to use with improved administration - we hope you’ll like it! Venue The venue is the Clarion...
  14. Cringer

    Emea Pug Challenge Call For Speakers

    Call for Speakers open! For our PUG Challenge 2017 event in PRAGUE on 15th - 17th November 2017, we want to deliver practical and highly valuable technical and business oriented content to our attendees - people involved in developing, integrating and managing applications. We are interested...
  15. Cringer

    Question More Frequent Ai Archival?

    I'm sure I'm missing something really simple and am ready to get my dunce's hat out of storage, but on a client site where I've recently enabled AI, and the AI Archiver, I only seem to get new archival files whenever I back up the database. This surely means that the AI process is pretty useless...
  16. Cringer

    Question Remote Serving Of Databases

    Our development environment is running on Windows with Progress 10.2B08. We're moving to 11.x later this year hopefully, but that's the way it is for now. We have 2 servers. One for development which is 32bit Progress, and one for the DBs which is 64bit Progress. Currently, in order to start...
  17. Cringer

    Question Euro Sign - Which Code Page

    Which codepage do I need for the users to be able to enter the € in the application? Currently on ISO8859-1 I believe which I know doesn't have it. Ideally it would be one I can switch to without having to do any complicated conversions.
  18. Cringer

    The Wall Of Shame

    Debugging some code earlier and came across this little doosie! if entryitem.generic-flags[4] = no or warehouseregions.uses-locations = no then do: find first location no-lock use-index locn-auto no-error. find prev location no-lock use-index locn-auto...
  19. Cringer

    Pointless Replication Question

    Just a quickie because I can't test it myself right now... Is it theoretically possible to set up Replication to replicate to localhost? Obviously you wouldn't for DR purposes, but is it possible to do it?
  20. Cringer

    Voip Phone Problem

    I know this doesn't really fit here, hence posting in chit chat. At the same time there's some knowledgeable guys who might be able to help. I use a Panasonic KX-NT556 to connect to the work VOIP phone system. It usually works a treat but we often have connectivity problems down to the poor...