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    F4 is not working in WRQ reflection s/w

    please help me... In WRQ reflection software for MFGPRo, the F4 trigger is not working... I had written a trigger program on WO release. Once whatever the WO's are released...i.e., if the status changes from 'f' to 'r' then some extract should generate...while releasing the file will be with...
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    First instance of the Inventory, lot location being added

    Hi All, I have a requirment to find date of the first instance of the Inventory, lot location being added. For this my logic is as below: FOR EACH ld_det: FOR FIRST tr_hist NO-LOCK WHERE tr_serial = ld_lot AND tr_loc = ld_loc AND tr_part = ld_part BY tr_date : ASSIGN v-date = tr_date.END...
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    server or the system has no more resources

    Hi All, I am getting the below error when trying to connect a DB. Please anyone throw some light. "The server or the system has no more resources. Please contact Progress Technical Support. (748)"
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    problem with combo-box

    Hi All, I am having a doubt. I am trying to use COMBO-BOXin my program. When I selected one of the item and try to move to the next field by pressing enter, it is not going. when I press F1 it is moving to next field. Is the limitation of COMBO-BOX or is there any way to resolve this issue...
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    Count of pages

    Is there any function to display the no. of pages the output of a report occupies before displaying it?
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    ** already has a conflicting use. (99)

    Hi friends, Please throw some light on the below error if possible with an example. "** already has a conflicting use. (99)" For me the <file-name> value is coming blank.
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    Stack Overflow Issue

    Hi friends, Case: One lot no. is given. For this lot no. I have to process all the ISS-WO transaction in the tr_hist table and for each new lot from this I have to process the ISS-WO transactions like this(like a tree) it will continue until no ISS-WO transactions found for a lot. This can be...
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    Read script variables in PROGRESS code?

    Hi Friends, Can anybody please explain how to use the variables defined in UNIX script in the PROGRESS code??? Assuming the script calls the PROGRESS code.
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    send an email using progress code

    hi friends, I need to send an email using progress code without attachement. Please help me.