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  1. Cringer

    Answered TAB-Problems mixing NET-controls AND ABL-widgets

    Mixing widgets like that is bound to find such problems unfortunately. I think what you'll need to do is to write your own handlers. So on the tab of the ABL widget before the .Net control, programmatically tab into the .Net control. On the tab of the .Net control, force entry to the next ABL...
  2. Cringer

    Question More ergonomic view

    If you are on a modern Progress version then you can use Telerik Ultra Controls or Infragistics Ultra Controls on .Net forms that will look very similar to the example you used above. You will have to work very hard to make classic ABL look nice (IMO), and you will have to work even harder to...
  3. Cringer

    Log Manager - All Handles are Documented or NOT

    Personally I would always view such an approach as an indicator of a possible problem to investigate further, rather than a definite problem. It's a good approach to finding memory leaks, but it's not an exact science.
  4. Cringer

    Performance issue Database

    @TomBascom originally there was a promon screenshot on here that had zeroes on every metric, along with the info that it was, indeed, version 9. @Mike if your database has 0 reads, or writes, then your buffer hit will be 0.
  5. Cringer

    Resolved sending outlook mail with graphics

    Something like this might help: How to: Programmatically send email - Visual Studio Or this: Sending Email through Outlook 2010 via C#
  6. Cringer

    Resolved sending outlook mail with graphics

    I've not researched more than just a quick Google, but it looks like you can use .Net to send emails through Outlook. My feeling is, this would be more robust and future proof than COM.
  7. Cringer

    Performance issue Database

    Your database is doing nothing.
  8. Cringer

    Resolved sending outlook mail with graphics

    Also, using the COM Object for anything new is a bad idea IMO. It's slow, clunky, and reliant on Microsoft keeping the functionality the same across versions (which is not guaranteed!).
  9. Cringer

    Answered IDE for progress

    Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. There's no real reason not to IMO. It's worth looking into the chargeable OEDT plugin for Eclipse as well. Omecra
  10. Cringer

    Progress Variables.

    Sounds like you need a LONGCHAR and a LONGDRINK as you read the documentation :)
  11. Cringer

    Remove unwanted large spaces in string value

    That doesn't look like just spaces. It looks like there are also line breaks in there. So what constitutes a large space, as RHD says?
  12. Cringer

    Start-Search - Trigger in a browse

    Do you have a specific question please?
  13. Cringer

    What happen to Progress

    Thanks Rob - closing this one.
  14. Cringer

    Comment OE Replication

    Just because there are reports about OE Replication in PANS doesn't mean it's unstable or unusable. By that logic I should avoid using OpenEdge at all because there are problems reported in PANS every day. In general it just works, so long as you monitor everything. I have NEVER had any...
  15. Cringer

    Running RESULTS report from Windows Task Scheduler

    Wow thanks Osborne. I'd completely forgotten that nugget. It seems it went by the wayside with v9. What's the purpose of it? Why would someone still be using it?
  16. Cringer

    Running RESULTS report from Windows Task Scheduler

    What application are we talking here? QAD or something of that ilk? I don't know what RESULTS is so can't help.
  17. Cringer

    Sharing functions/methods with class and non-classes

    Absolutely agree, but in practise this is less than easy. If it's a core function of the application, such as the parameter function in the application I mentioned above, then refactoring, testing and supporting 500+ occasions its used is not going to be a pretty job. And that's just one of the...
  18. Cringer

    Sharing functions/methods with class and non-classes

    I've done just this. It's horrible, but for some legacy code it's necessary. Build a Service Class with your methods in it. The service class method essentially just runs a .p wrapper to the procedure call in the include, or in my case the super procedure. ParameterService.cls METHOD...
  19. Cringer

    FILL-IN <fieldname> will not fit in FRAME cc in Program. (4028)

    We really don't need 9 year old threads resurrected.
  20. Cringer

    Question Proper way to enable SQL?

    There's more reasons than that. There are some serious limitations on scalability baked into the license. Performance tuning is more a case of limiting the negative factors rather than enhancing things. Workgroup should never have been sold to anyone with more than about 5 concurrent users IMO...