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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    We are moving a customer to a new server and converting the db from 10.2.B08 to 11.7.5. Is it possible to do a binary dump on the 10.2.B08 server and load the binaries directly into the 11.7.5 db or do we need to move the db to the new server, conv1011, then do the dump and load into an empty...
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    Thank you

    A sincere thank you to forum management for always cleaning up the spambot garbage that periodically shows up in spurts on these forums. Much appreciated.
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    Sanity Checks On Db Layout And B2 For Upgrade

    I know this has been covered before (perhaps ad nauseum), but it never hurts to get ask. I am in the process of preparing for a upgrade for a 400+GB db from 10.2B08 to 11.7.1 (or .2 or whatever is available when the upgrade happens by year end). Many moons ago we set them up with type II...
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    Question Cannot Kill Batch Job

    RHEL OE10.2B08 We have a number of OE background processes running on the server. We ran into a situation this morning (and have the same issue every once in a blue moon) where we cannot kill the job. Using various levels of kill (but not -9), the job just won't go away. I then used promon...
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    Question Recommend File System For Rhel?

    We are in the process of assisting a customer to migrate to a new server, and I'm looking for any recommendations for files systems that work best with OE databases. Existing Server: RHEL 6.8 OE 10.2B08 Databases on SSD's Raid 10 32GB memory New server: RHEL 7.x (I'm assuming 7.2) OE 11.6...
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    Progress For Sale?

    Saw this on FB:
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    Comment Progress Analytics 360 pricing

    A small rant... After viewing the webinar on Analytics 360 BI, we thought it might be a good fit for a number of our customers. So we asked our friendly Progress sales rep for pricing... but I was rather taken aback from the quote of $20K to $50K per annum. Not a one time with maintenance...
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    Question UPS Tracking API integration with ABL ?

    Has anyone successfully created web services ABL code that works with the UPS Tracking API? I'm asking for any hints or ideas as to what is or is not going on or if somehow I need to do some hacking within the wsdl they provided. (I can include the wsdl here if it would help). I was able to...
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    Question Type II cluster size and D&L vs. Multi-threaded For Each

    As posted previously, we are in the process of converting one of our customer's 10.2B to 11.3.x (Redhat). The DB will reside on SSD's, bi's and ai's on separate disks and we have 24 cores and 32GB of memory. We will have a weekend to do all that needs to be done, and the db must be up and...
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    Answered SYSTEM ERROR: Unexpected block type ITBLBLK encountered in upanalys

    After converting a 10.2B database to OE11.3.1, I tried to run a tabanalys (and the error also occurs during dbanalys), I am getting the following error: SYSTEM ERROR: Unexpected block type ITBLBLK encountered in upanalys SYSTEM ERROR: Memory violation. (49) I couldn't find anything in the...
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    Answered Convert OE10.2B db to OE11.3

    We are in the process of building a new server for one of our customers that is on 10.2B at present and we are going to upgrade to 11.3.1 as part of the migration. DB is a little over 100GB. If I'm not mistaken, I have three choices: 1) Dump and load flat files 2) Binary dump and load 3)...
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    Question Yet another question on licensing and Appserver

    We have a new Progress rep (yet again) and we are trying to determine what Appserver product and licensing model we need to get. Our customer is very small (Workgroups 10.2B about 25 users). The current license for the DB is concurrent user. We are in the process of designing/co-developing...
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    Question Recommendations for geocoding US addresses

    While not really a Progress issue (and perhaps this should go in the API section?), does anyone have any recommendations for geocoding US addresses? We have a group of customers that require geocoding US addresses to get latitude/longitude by year's end. They would not be used for mapping or...
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    Hot spare advice

    One of our large customers is in the process of making a true hot spare server for the Progress db (10.2B Linux running on SSD's). A few questions: 1) Does anyone have any experience with DRBD ( ) ? I'm aware this is big in the mysql world, but not sure of the feasibility with...
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    Underline a word in a report

    Does anyone know of a method within the ABL in a non-Windows environment to underline (solid underscore) a word, series of words, or column header in a simple text report rather than using the old standby as dashes in the line following? I've looked in the kbase and googled, but cannot seem to...
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    Amusing (but oh so true) list of what non-geeks ask you to do

    Describes my friends and family:
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    Was your Linked In password one of the one's stolen? Here is a tool to let you know

    If you want to know if your Linked In password was one of the ones stolen (mine was), here is a quick and easy tool to use to find out:
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    New Progress SupportLink Kbase?

    Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find the new SupportLink kbase more user-unfriendly with less options than before (no email, no direct lookup of error numbers, etc etc). I could go into detail of all the little annoyances that were not present before it was moved to ...
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    PDF font used for Poland/Polish ?

    PDF font used for Poland/Polish ? Arial Unicode MS Trying to generate a pdf with Polish. What font / ttf /afm is needed to allow Polish characters to render properly in the PDF ? Will Arial Unicode MS work? Thanks!
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    PDF include with PDF417 barcode

    Has anyone successfully incorporated the PDF417 barcodes using PDFInclude? If so, any guidance/how-to/where to look it up would be much appreciated.