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    Converting the given time to seconds

    While true, it also could be an elapsed time of 22 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds. That being said -- no clue as to what this individual is asking for.
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    Resolved Enable Browser with other objects on the form.

    Where they come from and when you display them is important. Regardless, if you calculate it, once the calculation is done just display those iv totals with frame framename. If it comes from a db table, then do the same and display them once you have the table record via a find or whatever.
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    Resolved Enable Browser with other objects on the form.

    Well -- 1st thing is that you would have a problem in the display (unless intended) as you have the "Total:" starting at column 1 and the totals starting at column 5 and the length of "Total:" is 6 + 1 for the space separator. Next, use code tags around your code examples for posting here...
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    Transaction/Buffer Scoping

    Change this: DO FOR updOrder-line TRANSACTION: FIND updOrder-line WHERE ROWID(updOrder-line) = ROWID(order-line) EXCLUSIVE-LOCK NO-ERROR. updOrder-line.qty = updOrder-line.qty + 5. END. DO FOR updItem TRANSACTION: FIND updITEM WHERE...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    As an FYI , we upgraded all of our customers (Linux) but 1 to 11.7.5 (64 bit) and 11.6 (last version of 32 bit for Linux and customers weren't getting a new server) without issue over 3 weeks. The last one (our largest who is moving to a new server) is scheduled for 4th quarter. Some had...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    We had no intention of putting the old DLC on the new box. The only time we have to mess with that is for very small clients that aren't going to go to a new server. And yes, that can get ugly with two versions of Progress on the same box (but we deal with it when required).
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    I was probably unclear. By binaries I meant the files created via the binary dump. Previously we have upgraded customers without a new server, so we do all the work on the same server. Create new empty v11 db, load schema backup new db in case of restarting. Load users, sequences, etc. Shut...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    Rob, We already have an automated script generation process that does all the work up to and including the idxbuild, so that is not the question. My concern is whether the binaries from the 10.2B08 db are compatible with the binary load on 11.7.5. Previously we've not created a new server...
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    Answered Binary D&L from 10.2B08 to 11.7.5

    We are moving a customer to a new server and converting the db from 10.2.B08 to 11.7.5. Is it possible to do a binary dump on the 10.2.B08 server and load the binaries directly into the 11.7.5 db or do we need to move the db to the new server, conv1011, then do the dump and load into an empty...
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    Question Import from a dynamic CSV

    Unless I don't know what else you need to do, I think you are overcomplicating this read a file, put out another based on some condition on the input line? Here is a simple read a line no matter how many columns, and put it out based on a condition: def stream a. def stream b. def var myline as...
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    I need some advise

    I have to agree with all of Rob's points... and here are other factors: Do you have replication? That is a separate cost to the reseller per user and hence to you. Do you have an AppServer or PASOE? That too has a separate cost. Do you have other licensed OpenEdge products that are included...
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    Progress kbase acting strange?

    I received this email titled "Progress Support Enhancement: New Search Capabilities " Powerful Search Capabilities – At Your Fingertips Searching for Progress product and support information and not finding what you need? Now when you search the Knowledge Base, Documentation and...
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    when I googled "Team Boscom", it said Did you mean: team bascom However, "Team Bascom" came up with about 1,280,000 results. Big Tommy B is so popular and so awesome.
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    Cecil, While a bit 'old school', we've had to do this too within XML. What we did was define the variable as a character, then set it to iso-date(today) + "T" + string(mytime,"HH:MM:SS")
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    Question more efficient query to modify

    Good catch Rob on the FIRST -- cut/paste/not paying attention error on my part. And thanks for the clarifications on the ROWID -- we changed years ago but I couldn't remember the exact reason other than it is deprecated.
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    Question more efficient query to modify

    You want to keep your transaction small and concise. Also, "RELEASE" does not do what you might think -- it is pretty much unnecessary. Try this: DEFINE BUFFER bCustomer FOR CUSTOMER. do for bCustomer TRANSACTION: FIND FIRST bCustomer WHERE RECID(Customer) = RECID(CUSTOMER)...
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    What is the fastest way to move a very large table to a new area.

    If paid by the hour, I would use proutil tablemove. Could be a wash with the data dictionary.... :)
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    Lighttpd as an Alternative to Apache or IIS

    Just saw something on the Progress forums on this... lightppd
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    Dynamic Query which might contain " or ' quote marks

    Can you try using a back slash to escape the single or double quotes?.... but that may or may not be *nix only.
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    Thank you

    Tom, looks like they took your post to heart.... the latest batch of spammage doesn't have the 'http'. :(