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    copy file from window server

    Hello Team, I have a requirement to move file from a windows server to unix server. Can someone suggest how to include code for this in .p ? Thank You.
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    Unix Find command

    Hello Team, I need help on following requirement: I need to search a file "mydoc.pdf" in unix directory "/home/sk" by using Unix command "find". Please let me know how to use unix command for this in Progress code. Regards
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    Product structure in XML format

    Hi All, Can someone help to extract ps_mstr data in XML format? Thanks in advance.
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    Error Problem in reading XML using dataset

    Hello Team, Somehow temp table "ttCustomer" is not getting populated while values for flag "lReturn" is coming true. Kindly suggest what I am doing incorrect. There can be multiple "<CallOFF>" tags under one "<PurchaseRequisition>" tag. PFB the progress code and XML file: Thank You. DEFINE...
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    Creating XML

    Hi Team, I am not getting XML output in desired format using below code. Could someone suggest in this? DEFINE VARIABLE cRequest AS LONGCHAR NO-UNDO. Define temp-table tt-Code no-undo Code as char AccountRangeFrom as char AccountRangeTo as char...
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    XML-Read issue

    Hi Team, I am not able to read XML data in to temp table using below code. Could someone help to identify where is the problem? DEFINE VARIABLE SOutput AS LONGCHAR NO-UNDO. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE ttStatus NO-UNDO XML-NODE-NAME "Response" FIELD Msg As CHAR...
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    WSDL operation call

    Hello, Below is the signature of operation in WSDL: RUN pProc IN hPortType(INPUT req, OUTPUT Res). I'm writing below code to call pProc asynchronously : RUN pProc IN hPortType (INPUT iReq, OUTPUT opRes) ASYNCHRONOUS SET hRoundtrip EVENT-PROCEDURE "eHandler" NO-ERROR...
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    Reading XML

    Hello Team, How can I read below XML in a temp table? I tried below code to get code and description but did not work. DEFINE TEMP-TABLE SupplierMasterResponse FIELD tt-code AS CHARACTER XML-NODE-NAME "ns1:Code" FIELD tt-desc...
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    Error While connecting Webservice

    Hello Team, Can anyone suggest what is causing error in my code below ? Thank You. I am able to connect to webse rvice successfully using below code: CREATE SERVER hWebService. lResult = hWebService:CONNECT("-WSDL...
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    Web Service [WSDL]

    Hello All, Could someone please help in calling web service written in WSDL to pass some details? In my progress program I have written below code to pass supplier details as below: RUN TestSupplier IN hPortType(INPUT SampleSuppReq, OUTPUT SampleSuppOutput). - How should I popluate...
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    Upload PDF on webpage

    Hi All, I need to attach PDF file on web page created through HTML/Web Speed. Can anybody please suggest how can this be achieved? Thank You.
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    Hi, We have application developed in Webspeed using JavaScript and need to send some data to QAD DB through TIBCO and Qxtend . For this, TIBCO is going to expose service to Webspeed application. Could someone suggest how we can write code at webspeed side to consume web service exposed from...
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    How to add combo box on webpage to assign value from table field?

    I'm creating as form in Webspeed using AJAX. There is a logical field added on this. If I am adding below text box to accept Yes or No like below then this is working fine. <td><input type="text" name="activ" class="text_box" id="fld_active" value=`if available(pt_mstr) then...
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    hi_char value

    There is a screen where fields are placed like "From Code" and "To Code". Now if user runs the report keeping both inputs as BLANK "". Now query should fetch all the records. Could some one suggest if this query should work fine? lchar= "". hchar = chr(1024). for each table where code >= lchar...
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    So Cycle Doubts

    I am new to mfg/pro so need some help to understand the SO cycle.At my workplace, below options are being used from SO creation to Invoice posting. Could someone help me to understand, - what are transactions being created at each step? - What is the purpose of each step and how...