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    Progress Trigger Button in Data Dict not working

    Hi Guys, Very unusual issue.. Progress 9.1D In Data Dictionary , Table View , Select Table .. When I bring up the table and click on the Triggers button to show associated trigger files, nothing happens... This occurs only with a certain table .... The table is part of a canned...
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    Can Replication Trigger update field when Write Trigger unavailable ?

    Hi, Best Holiday Wishes to All , Wondering if I can use Replication Triggers to update a Date field on a Update transaction. Not clear from research if the buffer from the Update Transaction is available to the scope of the Replication trigger. Due to commercial software using the traditional...
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    Question Scripted Combine Database and compare tables

    Appreciate your time and knowledge ...
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    Question Scripted Combine Database and compare tables

    Thank You.. Is this called a Dynamic Query ? Happen to come across it while digging .. Can I assign Todays Date to a UD field and update a record on finding a difference in the Buffer-Compare ? Seems logical but I am a SQL guy.. Would it disrupt pointers from the initial Find ? Appreciate...
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    Question Scripted Combine Database and compare tables

    Hi, Running vintage 9.1D. Requesting help on the best approach to achieve the following: - Periodic copy of Live database to MSTR database. Renaming the Tables with a prefix MSTR_xxxx - Followed by a later 2nd copy of the same Live database merged into the above MSTR database without a Table...