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    Question How to drag and drop an editor field widget using mouse out of an child frame widget into another child frame widget (or the parent frame)

    Y R DO U WANT 2 do it the hard way > Just already HAVE the widget (editor) in a frame with visability attributes of the frame and widget set 2 false. Then on the appropriate mouse trigger - set the visibility attributes 2 true Gives the impression 2 the user that IS wanted
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    Data entry on no surname/last name

    It doesn`t matter - first name AND surname R NOT mandatory > Donald Duck HAS a unique user ID - THAT is the IMPORTANT part DON`T need 2 know his shoe size
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    How to get selected row in Browse

    Does NOT matter, focused row , row number are browse attributes - still the same.
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    Question difference between - better 2 use?

    What is the difference between ROWID and RECID Which is better 2 use? TIA
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    Question Data Exchange between multiple prowin32 applications

    I was hoping for a Event Driven solution rather that "Put down , Pick up" polling solution. The put down IS an event This Put down , Pick up solution FIT`S the criteria Just because it is NOT the method U wanted does NOT mean it is NOT a valid method.
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    Question Data Exchange between multiple prowin32 applications

    I have a requirement where I would like to implement a publish & subscribe model between two separate prowin32 sessions. I have a solution 4 U. Have 1 prowin32 session runnin - the subscribe box Have a different prowi32 session runnin - the publish box (implement a publish & subscribe model...
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    Question Non mandatory parameters

    This reminds me of, Garbage IN garbage OUT . Y use a work around - just pass a parameter ANYWAY. THEN validate THAT parameter WITH a basic check usin UR requirements. IF the parameter BEGINS "pants" THEN RETURN NO-ERROR, /* drop out */ - U CAN implement a system format here 4 this ELSE DO: /*...
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    How to save data through smartdatabroswer?

    R UR Smart links there ? Seems 2 me that UR table IO linkhas fallen off U R gettin the data - it IS displayin on screen but when U make changes in the browse it is NOT Updatin the db - is the link still there? Put a flag in 2 check B4 and AFTER the update
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    Ancient Progress Documentation Available

    I KNOW that U have NOT got V1 Progress documentation
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    How to save data through smartdatabroswer?

    Check UR Smart Links If nothin is savin it is NOT updatin the data source
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    Browse column changes value with focus

    Wouldn`t case lastkey B more efficient/effective And usin the asci value instead of a string "RETURN", "ENTER" - points 2 the SAME place
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    How to save data through smartdatabroswer?

    nothing will save into that field > How can U save nothin - nothin 2 save
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    Answered Is it possible to trigger a popup-menu

    I respectfully DISAGREE >CAN simulate firing the popup menu Make a FRAME visible - bring a predefined frame 2 view The user WILL think it IS a pop up menu triggered > U already HAVE the code (preproccessed - named event ) 4 what U require 2 fire Make it work 4 U