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  1. Cecil

    OE11.6 OpenEdge Developer Sutdio - Stupid errors .

    I keep starting the Developer with clean to help, but it does not. How do I get rid of these error messages:
  2. Cecil

    Question Best way to learn a new Database and Application

    Thanks for all the advice. It's a mixed bag of different OE technologies 10.2B to 11.6, Windows GUI (32bit, phew), ABLOO, AppServer, WebSpeed, SonicMQ and finally ADM1 (not ADM2). There is sooo many include files inside include files. Luckily (or not), I currently working on new development...
  3. Cecil

    How to convert html file to pdf in progress

    google wkhtmltopdf example: wkhtmltopdf http://google.com google.pdf
  4. Cecil


    "I would rather throw the app error than return error in the set implementation of the property" Are you saying to use UNDO, THROW AppError. rather than RETURN ERROR AppError.? When is use the NO-ERROR option, it does suppress the error (naturally, as expected), but the CATCH eAppError AS...