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    Progress OIB Broker Startup - Port in Use

    Thank you Tom... I felt I had to ask! A full restart worked, I just hate that seems to be my only "workable" option, when in this situation!
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    Progress OIB Broker Startup - Port in Use

    Hi All, I'm running a progress 11.3.3 database on Windows server, (2008 r2) , with an OIB broker configured for SQL/ODBC access. For some reason today, my OIB broker isn't starting saying my port is busy.. I suspect a process ran that then didn't release it so just trying to stop current...
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    Question QAD 2014SE Transit times - Help request

    Transit times are dependent on how your are entering the demand.. I like to think of dates as when we need to ship... Thus in 7.3.13 scheduled order maintenance, you can use the Trasport Days field to move your 7.5.1 demand backwards. You would do that of course, if your edi data is delivery...