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  1. Cringer

    OpenEdge 12 - Silent Install

    When you say it doesn't work you're not actually saying how you know it doesn't work. The logfile suggests it was successful.
  2. Cringer

    Question TCP vs. Shared Memory

    We have a case in point. This table has one record. Note the scale on the left.
  3. Cringer

    Question TCP vs. Shared Memory

    There is a big "it depends" part of this answer. There are certain activities (I can't remember which!!) that are quicker via TCP.
  4. Cringer

    OpenEdge Discord Server

    I managed to get this sorted. I've updated the first post with a permanently active link.
  5. Cringer

    Question Need AI reorder or not? Please clarify.

    Your ai interval of 36000 basically means you will be switching on demand and not automatically. As a result if you lose the main DB server you'll still be losing all the work done since the last backup you got off that machine. IMO that interval should be a lot smaller although that does depend...
  6. Cringer

    OpenEdge Discord Server

    The invite just expired. I will post another next week when I'm back on my home PC.
  7. Cringer

    Change profile name

    Unfortunately it doesn't appear in the moderator queue. I believe it's something that Chris will need to sort out. As it happens I am also waiting for a username change!! :D
  8. Cringer

    Linux script issue

    I found the slightly more interesting for you. The typo came about because I was trying to recover from the very weirdly formatted 6956 error. I got it working for that script but when I recreated the script to run for another database those weirdly formatted errors started appearing again. I...
  9. Cringer

    Linux script issue

    We have a standard config that we import into scripts usually that sets DLC.
  10. Cringer

    Linux script issue

    Thanks Rob.
  11. Cringer

    Linux script issue

    Bloody typo. It's dbtmp.
  12. Cringer

    Linux script issue

    Having a bit of a brain fart. Can't work it out. Trying to get a script to move a bunch of tables to a new storage area. Annoyingly the KB only has the scripts for Windows which is less than useful!! If I run the command from the command line, the table moves successfully, but if I run it from...
  13. Cringer


    You can't open multiple dialogs at the same time as they block by design. You would have to convert them to windows in order to be able to open multiple at the same time. This isn't too difficult to achieve, but it may impact the operation of your application.
  14. Cringer

    Question Convert progress 9.1d05 database to sql database.

    Converting the database should be reasonably easy. Dump the data in some format that SQL would like. Generate a schema in SQL. Load the data. I'm not entirely sure what else you're hoping to get.
  15. Cringer

    Japonese Character

    You'll need to make sure the database and all clients use a character set that supports the Japanese characters.
  16. Cringer

    OpenEdge Discord Server

    For those that want a more realtime experience of chatting about Progress, please see the new OpenEdge Discord channel.
  17. Cringer

    Discord server

    Funny you should mention it. I'm actually setting a basic one up. Watch this space.
  18. Cringer

    Question What if I change the listener-minport and listener-maxport in target <dbname>

    Not sure why this one was blocked, but I see you managed to get the thread created so I'll lock this one.