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  1. dancar

    item master (added "SA"s)

    Several years ago, a Mfg'r required the addition to the Item Master (schema mod) to accomodate sub-assembly component level items which could be used/called into the BOM for numerous top level Items. We modified the schema and created "SA" (sub assembly) items. With minimal code additions. It...
  2. dancar

    Progress db on iMac

    I'm sure containers would require more indepth study. At this point I'm gonna say prolly not gonna happen. LOL. I did briefly look at Dockers. Had I pursued this 10 yrs ago or so - maybe - but its not for me now. Too much time required. Golf and Grandson passion, ya know?
  3. dancar

    Progress db on iMac

    hows performance given such overhead?
  4. dancar

    Progress db on iMac

    Thanks for the reply Rob. Too bad. I'm familiar with the older offerings - being ancient as I am.
  5. dancar

    Progress db on iMac

    Anyone operating a PSC db on a Mac server?
  6. dancar

    Question Rename Symix Syteline forum to Infor Syteline?

    tomato toomaatoe potato pataahtoe; havent "symixed" in years along with "mapixed" then "frontstepped" but never "Inforred" because it (Syteline product) was being transitioned (gendered/neutered) into an ms based db product... Yuk! Never touched it. Call it what you like.
  7. dancar

    Greetings from a bygone analyst.

    Hows the world of Progress? I havent been on the forum in years...since @ 2001-2 So whats new?
  8. dancar

    Reliable Web Hosting Suggestions?

    ...time to go...this old salty sea-dog sailor has painting to do. Catch the board later. Hasta-la-vista...
  9. dancar

    Reliable Web Hosting Suggestions?

    ...ugh...err... "practice". I-Pad typing...
  10. dancar

    Reliable Web Hosting Suggestions?

    Once again, Im late to the thread...but for static web page hosting...and some limited dynamic-html pages... your I-net provider typically allows ## megs of space with each account. Using an ftp client html files can be posted there and using redirect from your domain provider your IP address...
  11. dancar

    Progress Nostalgia

    Okay folks... Its been a while since I last visited and I couldnt resist exposing my ancient days... especially viewing the context of these posts... but somewhere here I have Progress and early (symix) on a 5-1/2" floppies. Anyone remember the version?
  12. dancar

    Rack labelling program

    I believe it remains true that most use third party label software. Can be further automated by custom interface module to extract desired data for the label program. Else, its a manual process. Unless Im incorrect. Consider pros and cons for such.
  13. dancar

    10.1B has shipped!

    ...but can it produce stand-alone executables? Goes back to the license and distribution issues I know, but how handy would it be...:rolleyes:
  14. dancar

    Due Date & End Date

    Its been a while and I cannot recall the actual use of "End Date", however, wasn't "Due Date" intended to be the delivery to customer date? Orders "Due Date" could "backflush" or be used in production scheduling using the "Due Date". Can be inclusive of shipping times. At least it did years...
  15. dancar

    MS Access to the Web

    Consulting as I do, recently a major oil company has requested that I prepare a brief on the pros and cons of enabling MS Access database application for the web. Of course I have my on biased opinions as to why this should never be done, however, I would appreciate founded and factual feedback...
  16. dancar

    Syteline 6 support

    Which organization(s) is/are providing support for Syteline 6? Its not Mapics (now Infor) which owns Syteline / Symix and version 7.
  17. dancar

    Feeling Tired & Washed Up @ 40

    Ref:Feeling Tired & Washed Up @ 40 Facing reality bytes.? Same old bit-by-bit daily routines... sorry about the puns ... but unfortunately today its the same wherever you go, regardless of the sexy new tools used. Fewer new developments exists. Progress maintenance positions are all about...
  18. dancar

    chat window

    Yes. A configurable chat window program shared by members, supported by ProgressTalk and the PEG and the various "lists" / "Threads". Configurable to the extent the user may, setup connections to any desired board such as the PEG and ProgressTalk etc..., create personal groups and dialog...
  19. dancar

    Progress / MFG Pro Training Classes

    Progress/Mfg Pro Training Classes Sean, The best is a two step process. First, being in Chicago, you should head down to the local Progress training center. Then approach the QAD environment training. As far as gui vs char; well it mostly depends upon the intended purpose of the application...
  20. dancar

    Print Screen via WinXP

    Yes, they should. Nothing appears, prints via any app. If only it were that simple. This isn't a novice question. There is a deeper problem. Several WinXP systems fail. Three Dell Inspiron 2650 models, and one later model Dell. Thanks for your input.